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#1 2016-07-08 15:58:42

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 272

BlueMind 3.5-beta3 is available!

BlueMind 3.5-beta3 is available for download!

The BlueMind team is proud to introduce the third beta release of our future 3.5 version!

A word of caution
BlueMind beta releases are exclusively available for a fresh install: upgrades from a v3.0 install is not supported yet.
Future upgrades from a beta to final v3.5 may not be supported either: our beta releases should only be used for evaluation purposes.

We provide Ubuntu Trusty and Debian Jessie installers for now, more distributions to come before the final release.

New features
You may find a listing of all 3.5 new features on our [online documentation]( … lueMind+35).

### Webmail
- BM-8780, BM-6589, BM-8812, BM-8854 Imp: many attachments handling improvements (size display, storage in mail body/in the online store, file expiration, store browsing)

### Calendar
- BM-5003 Feat: indexedDB-free mode (public computer / incompatible browser)
- BM-537 Fix: visual alert in the calendar month view if there are too many events

### Global
- BM-4186,  BM-8520 Imp: identification and correction of inbound synchronization streams

### Security
- BM-6409, BM-6408HPS Feat: cas and kerberos
- BM-8572 Fix: Roundcube vulnerability
- Chore: nginx 1.11.1 upgrade

### Administration
- BM-5759 Feat: configurable archive quotas (per user/default/max per domain)
- BM-8605 Feat: admin sudo into a user account
- BM-8082 Feat: per-domain user number limit
- BM-4220 Feat: port of exchange migration tools from 3.0

### Browsers
- BM-8606, BM-8607 Feat: support de IE et de Edge

Complete 3.5 [user documentation]( … n+BlueMind) and [API documentation]( … resources/) are available online.

We wish you a pleasant install!


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