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BlueMind 3.0.38 has been released!

BlueMind 3.0.38 has been released and is available for download.

Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.

ElasticSearch indexes have been reorganized: you will need to start a MailspoolResyncIndexJob as admin0 in "Admin Console"/"Scheduled tasks" after the upgrade to rebuild the indexes. Search inconsistencies may occur otherwise. This operation may cause important load, and should generally be planned during off-peak times (generally evenings or week-ends).

### Webmail
- FEATBL-4 Imp: replace default carriage return in webmail composer from paragraph to new line
- TLIB-432 Fix: show event banner in webmail for event with an invalid or unknown timezone
- UDL-98 Imp: search optimizations

### Calendar
- UDL-115 Fix: add location to event tooltip in the month view collapsed event list
- TLIB-435 Fix: do not send an email when updating a event owned by a contact

### Outlook connector
- TCSCIT-110 Fix: force use of TLS
- FULLSAVE-33 Fix: never send read receipt. Preference is set on connector start.
- FULLSAVE-34 Fix: error "item with same key already added"
- GLAG-119 Fix: meeting ownership issue after cancellation
- TLIB-427 Fix: aborted transactions after BlueMind upgrade

### Thunderbird connector
- BM-9543 Fix: remove offline data on connector reset
- BM-10231 Fix: use a BM remote dir when Directory sync is disabled

### Mobile devices
- TLIB-436 Fix: prevent a looping device from saturating core session store
- BM-10562 Fix: exception when fetching a body instead of an attachment
- Fix: IMAP search fallback

### Migration
- BM-10512 Fix: csv-migration-tool does not start
- CLERCO-20 Fix: exchange-migration-tool, busystatus not set
- CLERCO-18 Fix: exchange-migration-tool, duplicate addressbooks if different PST are migrated
- Imp: exchange-migration-tool, migrate important flags on mail

### Misc
- [IMAP] Impr: remove subscriptions to deleted folder when re-indexing
- [IMAP] Impr: user folders Trash, Sent and Junk can no longer be deleted
- [locator] Impr: improve performance for host requests
- [Unified communications] TLIB-412 Fix: invalid phone status
- [HSM] COAX-287 Fix: can't set archive quota > 2GB

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!


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