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#1 2019-01-18 17:02:39

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 174

BlueMind 4.0-beta

The BlueMind team is proud to introduce the first beta release of our
future 4.0 version, which can be downloaded here!

A word of caution
BlueMind beta releases are exclusively available for a fresh install:
upgrades from a previous release is not supported yet.  Future upgrades
from a beta to final v4.0 may not be supported either: our beta
releases should only be used for evaluation purposes.

Native Outlook support
New feature #1 without a doubt is native Outlook support. However this
is brought by the BlueMind subscription: you'll need an evaluation
subscription (ask
[here]( to be able to
install the required bm-mapi package. We provide step-by-step
[here]( … pas-a-pas/). Keep
in mind that there are still some rough edges, but we're working on
them! You'll find details on theses limitations in our
[documentation]( … s+BlueMind).

Native Outlook support is not supported on RedHat yet, but it will
definitely be part of the final release, and hopefully even sooner.

BlueMind 4.0 enables administrators to dispatch user information (not
only email) on multiple dedicated servers, which can improve data
consistency and performance.

Mail archiving is now fully automatic: your users won't notice a
difference between regular and archived mail.

New e-mail entry points in the REST API
BlueMind 4.0 is adding entry points for e-mail management, you will
find them in our new REST API [doc

We now provide an API comparison tool that will help you to maintain
your add-ons and scripts between BlueMind releases by showing

We wish you a pleasant evaluation!


#2 2019-02-01 16:46:21

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 174

Re: BlueMind 4.0-beta

Changelog 4.0-beta2
- BM-14080 Feat: RHEL7 MAPI support
- Fix: bm-cli addressbookuid in contact deduplicate command
- BM-13675 BM-14097 Feat: prepare some caching of our service topology
- BM-14115 MAPI Fix: don't consider archived users as active delegates
- BM-14115 MAPI Fix: crash on unauthorized freebusy request
- COAX-546 Fix: service URL incorrect as seen from Outlook
- COAX-547 Fix: crash on Outlook calendar sharing
- MAPI Fix: when deleting props, merge with previously unset values
- BM-14165 Replication Fix: file descriptor leak sucking all system memory with deleted files in /dev/shm
- BM-14119 Signature Feat: support for fax.home and variables
- BM-14104 Imp: support Thunderbird >= 65


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