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#1 2017-09-27 11:36:03

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 361

BlueMind 3.5.6 has been released!

BlueMind 3.5.6 is the latest stable release of our enterprise messaging solution. It is available on Debian Jessie and Wheezy, Ubuntu Trusty and Xenial, Redhat 6 and 7.

Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.

Changes on open ports ("edge" install)
If BlueMind is installed on multiple servers (typically in the case of a [edge install]( … veur+Edge)),
the servers need to be able to communicate on a [given set of ports]( … /Les+ports).

BlueMind 3.5.6 necessitates the following changes:

- ports 5701:5715 must be open for hazelcast
- port 5445 is no longer in use and can be closed

The bm-mq package is not part of BlueMind anymore, and will be deleted during the upgrade.

### Webmail
- BM-12067 Fix: prevent webmail and calendar banner to subscribe more than once to container changes
- BM-12158 Fix: do not break composer if an attachment is broken
- Fix: indexing for archived mail

### Calendar
- ALWAY-109 Fix: only print visible calendars
- BM-11489 Feat: filter calendar print by tags
- BM-11531 Fix: do not autocomplete with hidden members
- BM-11566 Fix: tooltip in month view
- BM-11615 Fix: management permission is mandatory for event update
- BM-11703 Fix: reply to an invitation with a note
- BM-11746 Fix: disable tag editing from recurring event occurrences
- BM-11803 Fix: check invitation right against groups
- BM-11875 Fix: freebusy broken for all-day events
- BM-11912 Fix: date change when switching from all-day to a specific time
- BM-11987 Fix: recurring event exception not displayed
- BM-11988 Fix: send mail to attendees when changing event classification/transparency
- BM-12007, GEM-109 Fix: resource booking issues
- BM-12113 Fix: can't access calendar when connected in public mode
- BM-12138 Fix: regression with offline mode
- FEATBL-149 Feat: an audit log is generated in /var/log/bm/audit to track event updates

### Instant Messaging
- UDL-160 Fix: display "all" search result instead of only the first one
- BM-12190 Fix: limit invitation search to 10 results

### Mobile devices
- TLIB-529 Fix: prevent phone loop when trying to sync a folder
- BM-11242 Fix: use honorific prefix for title & organizational.title for jobtitle

### Thunderbird connector
- BM-12066 Fix: moving contacts in Thunderbird > 38
- BM-12132 Fix: autocomplete on default email

### Outlook connector
- BM-10546 Fix: C# out of memory error uploading a big file
- BM-11673 Fix: send outlook changes by pack of max 50 items
- BM-11829 Fix: get and apply server changes by pack of max 100 items
- BM-11905 Fix: set Outlook max attach pref according to server settings if no filehosting
- BM-11922 Fix: error 500 disabling vacation
- BM-11994 Imp: do not show temporary SSL/TLS error on periodic sync
- BM-12010 Fix: MAPI_E_OBJECT_CHANGED sync issue
- GLAG-172 Fix: todo/calendar alarms do not show
- GLAG-182 Fix: fix some appointment COM leaks
- GLAG-186 Fix: do not remove all subscription on error in subscription window
- REFLEX-68 Fix: alert if vacation message subject is empty

### Administration
- BM-11667 Feat: automatic configuration files backup
- BM-11762,BM-11764 Fix: ui bug in group mbox sharing
- BM-11852 Fix: NullPointerException on group creation
- BM-11291 Fix: update input label on coordinate label change
- BM-11713 Fix: Hazelcast configuration for BlueMind setup with bm-edge
- BM-11749 Fix: monitor BM services status only on assigned servers
- Fix: monitor connection scripts exit codes
- BM-12119 Fix: don't run eas hierarchy hook in maintenance mode
- FEATBL-149 Feat: default domain can be set from admin console
- FEATBL-154 Feat: add mail index state in monitoring console
- FEATBL-79 Feat: enable editing of mailshare VCard

### Core services
- BM-11630 Impr: IMAP proxy freeze under load
- BM-11630 Impr: don't let cancelled tasks continue to run
- BM-11904 Fix: index email without subject
- BM-12022 Fix: BM component stuck in maintenance state
- BM-11884 Fix: not enough RAM for HPS
- BM-12026 Fix: only allow 5 concurrent HPS sessions for each user
- COAX-320 Impr: replace HornetQ with the brokerless Hazelcast
- Impr: do not send messages for mail.added and mails.copied events
- BM-12129 Fix: don't ignore errors when running the folder seq upgrade
- BM-12129 Fix: increase max_locks_per_transaction to prevent upgrade issues
- COM-11 Fix: a global sieve with a matched fileinto action prevents mailshare scripts from running

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!


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