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#1 2018-02-01 12:05:39

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 379

BlueMind 3.5.7 hotfix #4 has been released

BlueMind 3.5.7-4 has underwent an optimimzation effort, in addition to several fixes.
We strongly recommend this upgrade!

- BM-12700 Fix: Outlook sync issues after a copy/paste of an appointment during sync
- BM-12758 Fix: never fail webmail send_message because of a contact collect issue
- BM-12759 Fix: migration did not filter group member container with container type = addressbook
- BM-12749 Fix: contacts sanitizer group issue
- BM-12744 Fix: database maintenance operations cause a core service restart
- Chore: invalidate all domain settings cache when global settings are changed
- BM-12743 Fix: drag and dropping a message doesn't work in webmail
- UDL-201 Fix: update postfix map if needed after LDAP sync
- BM-12728 Fix: incorrect sockjs handling
- [perf] DomainSettingsService.get() is 9% of our auth process when ldap plugin is enabled
- [perf] don't sudo for login when we already have the user in hand
- [perf] ReminderJob accounts for 71% of Containers.all(query) calls
- [perf] Chore: cache email to uid in cti service
- UDL-194 Fix: lookup mailbox by name instead of email
- UDL-195 Fix: don't limit initial calendar search
- UDL-203 Fix: send Thunderbird updates with a buffer of 50
- BM-12704 Fix: calendar display on IE11
- BM-12729 Imp: webmail performance on building imap tree for account with many folders
- BM-12728 Fix: allow unidirectional requests
- BM-12727 Fix: incorrect cyrus configuration during upgrade
- UDL-197 Fix: don't manage BlueMind mailbox Quota if LDAP attribute is not present
- BM-12680 Fix: encoding error when indexing a message
- TLIB-570 Fix: secure user api
- BM-12722 Fix: update offline sync status in settings
- UMTP3-44 Fix: auth failure when the two Thunderbird app tabs reload at the same time
- Thunderbird 57 support

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!


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