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Bonjour, avant de poster, merci de vérifier que vous avez respecté les pré-requis de l'installation et consultez notre documentation : !
Vous pouvez en particulier trouver des réponses aux problèmes les plus courants dans notre FAQ ou encore la base de connaissance.

Hi, before posting on the forum, please check that you followed installation prerequisites and get a look to our documentation space : !

#1 2018-09-14 09:00:58

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
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Hotfix #1 for BlueMind 3.0.41

BlueMind 3.0 is in maintenance mode, we strongly recommend BlueMind 3.5 for every new install or upgrade.

Please review HotFix instructions below if you must keep using BlueMind 3.0.41.

3.0.41 Hotfix #1 (manual process)
BM-13533 Fix: incorrect authentication process when AD/LDAP connection is flaky

You need to do the following if you are using a AD/LDAP authentication with BlueMind 3.0.41:

- download the patched [net.bluemind.core jar]( … b14407.jar)
- drop it in /usr/share/bm-core/plugins/ on your BlueMind server, where it will replace the original jar with the same name. If the name is different you are not using BlueMind 3.0.41 and you should not be doing this!
- restart the BlueMind services with "bmctl restart"


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