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#1 2019-03-01 18:15:33

Registered: 2019-03-01
Posts: 1

Bluemind 4.0beta2 Install problem

Hi all

I'm willing to test the Outlook plugin so I'm trying to install Bluemind 4.0beta2

I've tried with VirtualBox and now with Qemu/KVM with no luck.

After several attempts with different configurations distributions and a lot of research in several logs and Google I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The process seems to be undergoing fine until the name test, after hitting next it opens a new configuration window and starts a second process that reads:

Creating server and domain
Creating server
create server
Server created and tag as [mail/smtp, mail/imap, bm/es, bm/core, bm/hps, bm/xmpp, bm/ac, bm/cal, bm/webmail, bm/contact, bm/settings, bm/redirector, bm/nginx, bm/pgsql, bm/pgsql-data]
begin updating tags
Create domain kyrios.lan
Domain created.
assign tags to domain
Assign bm/core to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/core assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign mail/smtp to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as mail/smtp assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign mail/imap to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as mail/imap assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/es to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/es assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/hps to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/hps assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/xmpp to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/xmpp assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/ac to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/ac assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/cal to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/cal assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/webmail to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/webmail assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/contact to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/contact assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/settings to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/settings assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/redirector to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/redirector assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/nginx to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/nginx assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/pgsql to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/pgsql assigned to kyrios.lan
Assign bm/pgsql-data to kyrios.lan...
Host tagged as bm/pgsql-data assigned to kyrios.lan

Then a notification window appears saying:

bluemind2.kyrios.lan says:
error net.bluemind.core.api.fault.ServerFault: current state is not finished InError

I can include any log or any other information for your analysis if you need.

Any suggestion or guidance is really appreciated right now.

Thank you in advance and kind regards



#2 2019-03-04 09:52:32

BlueMind Team
From: Toulouse
Registered: 2012-03-29
Posts: 1,867

Re: Bluemind 4.0beta2 Install problem

What's your VM specifications ?

You must have more information in the core logs /var/log/bm/core.log.


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