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Hi, before posting on the forum, please check that you followed installation prerequisites and get a look to our documentation space :

#1 2019-04-11 15:15:01

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

BlueMind 4.0

The BlueMind team is proud to introduce our new major release, which can be downloaded here!

A word of caution
BlueMind 4.0 is exclusively available for fresh installs for now:
upgrades from previous releases are not supported yet.

Native Outlook support
New feature #1 without a doubt is native Outlook support. However this
is brought by the BlueMind subscription: you'll need an evaluation
subscription (ask
[here]( to be able to
install the required bm-mapi package. We provide step-by-step
[here]( … pas-a-pas/). Keep
in mind that there are still some rough edges, but we're working on
them! You'll find details on theses limitations in our
[documentation]( … s+BlueMind).

Native Outlook support is not supported on RedHat yet, but it will
definitely be part of the final release, and hopefully even sooner.

BlueMind 4.0 enables administrators to dispatch user information (not
only email) on multiple dedicated servers, which can improve data
consistency and performance.

Mail archiving is now fully automatic: your users won't notice a
difference between regular and archived mail.

New e-mail entry points in the REST API
BlueMind 4.0 is adding entry points for e-mail management, you will
find them in our new REST API [doc

We now provide an API comparison tool that will help you to maintain
your add-ons and scripts between BlueMind releases by showing

Features already published in 3.5 branch
- a [configurable default notification]( … evenements) can now be set when creating an event
- the [corporate signature]( … entreprise) add-on allows for WYSIWYG composition. Signatures can be previewed in the webmail and Thunderbird
- [distribution lists]( … s+contacts) in addressbooks have been overhauled to support complex synchronization use cases

Changelog 4.0 final
### Webmail
- BM-14178 Fix: Expand group when using a contact from composer view
- Remove wrong member count for groups

### Calendar
- BM-13347 Fix: Fill event title with calendar color
- BM-13347 Fix: If event does not have attendees, print the containing calendar as owner
- BM-14505 Fix: Accept / Decline one occurrence of an event

### Thunderbird connector
- BM-14557 Fix: signature preview for recipient with 3 part domain email
- BM-14340 Imp: limit group query for autocomplete when directory is sync
- BM-14558 Fix: meeting bar shown on wrong mail

### Administration
- can edit external user name & first name only in vCard edit UI
- BM-14398 Feat: monitoring metrics for MAPI services

### BM-CLI
- BM-14319 Fix: install bm-cli on each node
- BM-14593 Feat: bm-cli user update can now perform operation on all users of a given domain
- Feat: add 'setup cert' command to change the ssl certificate

### Core services
- BM-14367 Chore: split replication log to bm/replication.log
- Feat: notify systemd instead of forking with init script
- BM-14538 Fix: encoding/decoding was inverted in BM-14111
- BM-14151 Fix: fallback to if topology failed

- BM-14455 Imp: clean per-user logs
- BM-14571 Fix: incremental update of our hollow content
- BM-14286 Fix: ensure mapi sends an organizer on meeting replies
- BM-14348 Fix: npe when saving attachments
- BM-14370 Fix: forwarding an email with attachment(s) from a public folder should work
- BM-14383 Fix: extract text from outlook html oof message
- BM-14396 Chore: get rid of the whole BackgroundLoader stuff as it seems to fragile
- BM-14396 Fix: compute a Message weight to size our cache to avoid retaining to much attachments
- BM-14405 Fix: break the loading loop if nobody is consuming
- BM-14414 Fix: don't refetch mailshares all the time
- BM-14431 Fix: when generating an MDN, try harder to compute a recipient
- BM-14452 Fix: ensure a public folder created in outlook appears in the hierarchy
- BM-14452 Fix: missing notification
- BM-14472 Fix: add support for ContactAddress entry ids parsing
- BM-14475 Fix: never return a private hierarchy for a public folders logon (and ensure we were right when returning not found)
- BM-14489 Feat: adapt answered / forwarded flags
- BM-14512 Fix: don't adapt attachments twice with dispType==attachment with contentId
- BM-14522 Fix: missing attachment flag on public folders
- BM-14524 Fix: refresh the session if it's old
- BM-14567 Fix: report message size on public folders
- BM-14575 Fix: don't fetch the whole changelog to get the version
- BM-14597 Fix: return an error when outlook opens a deleted user's mailbox
- BM-14604 Fix: NPE for attachment content
- Feat: copying events between calendars in online mode
- FEATOTLK-266 Feat: hybrid mode (cached | online)
- BM-14290 Fix: don't try to update a message body referenced by a deleted record
- BM-14344 Fix: wrong deleted folder listing
- BM-14381 Fix: tolerate broken charset names
- BM-14452 Fix: ensure full mailshare hierarchy CRUD is possible from our user's connection through mail-api

### Upgrade/Migration
- ex-migration-tool do not upload email bigger than server configured max size
- ex-migration-tool error NO Message contains bare newlines
- FACTORFX-142 Imp: ex-migration-tool import  non standard 'IPM' messages

### Performance
- BM-14251 : Do not use cluster on changeset and acl table
- BM-14420 Tweak: change our memory allocations to give more chance to a big email
- BM-13998 Fix: keep the bodies around a bit to speed up the notification process
- Feat: when the replication goes wild, start introducing delays (metrics are reported when the circuit break triggers)
- BM-13832 Fix: throttle presence notification to 2/sec/user max

We wish you a pleasant install!


#2 2019-04-15 11:10:44

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

Re: BlueMind 4.0

Changelog 4.0 Hotfix #1
- BM-14592 Feat: BM-CLI calendar and addressbook exports now export all their calendars/addressbooks by default
- Feat: warn if trying to setup with only one core, as it will likely fail
- BM-14614 Fix: check & repair authorizations
- Imp: mapi prevent rename of default container
- BM-14626 Imp: differenciate authentication metrics to spot bruteforce/spam attempts
- BM-14210 Fix: i18n directory label in contacts


#3 2019-04-19 16:20:20

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

Re: BlueMind 4.0

Changelog 4.0 Hotfix #2
- [calendar] BM-5331 : Handle 'show weekend' settings when printing a single week
- [cli] BM-14596 Feat: add bm-cli hz listen <topic> to print message(s) coming on a given hazelcast topic
- [cli] Fix: don't run on directory root if domain is not wanted
- [HosterReport] IEQ-1942 Chore: bind hoster report addon to bluemind-all lifecycle
- [mailapi] BM-14669 Fix: batch updates were missing some items
- [mailapi] BM-14669 Fix: resync was not working correctly
- [mapi] BM-14632 Fix: make PropertyTag immutable as it is reference from the Pid enum & could be modified by LargePropertyTagArray
- [mapi] BM-14634 Fix: try harder to resolve parent container
- [mapi] BM-14642 Fix: don't loose mime type when file has no extension
- [mapi] BM-14646 Fix: never use a private mailbox core provider when loading a public hierarchy
- [mapi] BM-14650 Fix: npe open stream on missing property
- [mapi] BM-14661 Fix: completing task in Outlook complete it in BM
- [mapi] Fix: mailshare search was broken after search api change
- [replication] BM-14435 Fix: add a repair support for moving mailboxes created in default partition
- [replication] BM-14648 Chore: add a repair 'missed.deletions' to force
- [replication] BM-14655 Fix: apply unquota was not supported


#4 2019-04-26 14:59:19

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

Re: BlueMind 4.0

Changelog 4.0.3
- [bm-cli] Introduce bm-cli todolist
- [mailapi] BM-14682 Fix: use the previous date when updating a message
- [mapi] BM-14674 Fix: don't exit on missing PidLid, do the same as for PidName
- [mapi] BM-14685 Fix: using 'clear flag' on an email with a reminder triggered an unsupported value
- [mapi] BM-14686 Fix: newMail notification NPE + try to prevent issues with empty FidMapping
- [mapi] BM-14688: do not duplicate domain tag as user tag
- [mapi] BM-14690 Fix: cap notifications queue to 10 per-ctx to avoid oom
- [mapi] BM-14693 Fix: try harder to re-use existing date + don't try to
- [mapi] BM-14695 Fix: don't respect apple mail's inline PDFs
- [mapi] COAX-573 Fix: contact folders in addressbook in online mode
- [JDK] Chore: use OpenJDK instead of Oracle JDK
- [doc] FEATBL-753 Chore: embed javadoc in rest API doc
- [API] BM-14692 Chore: add missing backend.mail.api to python client


#5 2019-05-16 13:14:51

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

Re: BlueMind 4.0

Changelog 4.0.4
- [bm-cli] BM-14718 Fix: aliases resolution
- [check_and_repair] BM-14752 Fix: don't abort when failing to delete subtree's stuff
- [cli] FEATBL-744 feat: user import/export
- [cli] Feat: index mailboxInfo command
- [core] GEM-175 Fix: empty the public folders flat hierarchy before repairing it
- [mapi] BM-14672 Imp: non delivery report mail parsing
- [mapi] BM-14694 Feat: add extension point to filter mapi requests & don't execute mapi requests when core is not running
- [mapi] BM-14714 Fix: emails with huge recipients list
- [mapi] BM-14719 Fix: filter refused meeting
- [mapi] BM-14741 Imp: From handling
- [mapi] BM-14744 Fix: implement RopWriteStream using a temporary file + special trick in Values.bufFromHex to prevent memory/perf issues
- [mapi] BM-14745 Fix: WriteStream on an embedded message property
- [mapi] BM-14751 Fix: don't forget emailAddress in recipient json as it is not always included in the rows
- [mapi] BM-14773 Fix: append to existing value via WriteStream if something exists
- [mapi] BM-14773 Fix: override existing stream if seek pointer is at 0
- [mapi] COM-37 Fix: misc fixes to deal with data imported from an IMAP
- [migration] COM-37 Fix: ex-migration-tool, skip invalid folder with no name


#6 2019-06-18 15:45:57

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

Re: BlueMind 4.0

Changelog 4.0.5

If your installation has suffered from data inconsistencies (for
instance if you migrated to 4.0 final from a beta release), it is
necessary to trigger check&repair tasks from bm-cli after the server
update. For instance:

- service bm-mapi stop
- bm-cli maintenance repair mon-domain1.lan
- bm-cli maintenance repair --workers 4 mon-domain2.lan (to split the operations of your domain has many users)
- service bm-mapi start

### MAPI
- BM-14765 Fix: prevent Outlook from using a slash in mail folder
- BM-14783, COAX-584 Fix: mark all as read in online mode
- BM-14807 Fix: renaming a folder was failing as the server considered the name did not change (name vs fullName mismatch)
- BM-14850, BM-14831, COM-39 Fix: mails do not show up in Outlook
- BM-14906 Fix: conversion from container uid to folder id
- BM-14910 Fix: prevent OOM from logging statement while reading stream
- BM-14940 Fix: recipient type detection
- Fix: when outlook sends a counter proposal, use a COUNTER method
- SAFERPACA-2 Fix: filter archived users and hidden entries when expanding groups
- BM-14786 Fix: server crash on public folder filter
- BM-14764, BM-14787 Imp: PST import
- BM-14799 Chore: add MAPI service support to bmctl
- BM-14804 Fix: filter out messages without body
- BM-14813 Fix: sync issue in multi-domain install
- BM-14824 Fix: prevent replication from deleting new entries
- BM-14843 Fix: timezone conversion exception
- BM-14853 Fix: automatic resource reservation does not show
- BM-14866 Fix: server crash on time slot modification
- BM-14869 Fix: replication loop
- BM-14877 Fix: handle send mail error
- BM-14884 Fix: empty from displayName in search result
- BM-14889 Fix: server crash when re-creating a folder that was just deleted
- BM-14909 Fix: server crash on mailshare access without authorizations
- BM-14919 Fix: vacancy notification flagged as SPAM

### Check & repair
- BM-14818 Fix: only list mailboxes from the domain we are check&repairing otherwise we can move a mailbox to the wrong partition
- BM-13111 Feat: add calendarview repair support
- BM-14776 Fix: empty IMAP folders after check&repair
- BM-14823 Fix: message body repair
- BM-14923 Fix: missed.deletions repair for mailshares
- BM-14935 Fix: consolidateIndex to remove orphan entries

### Core services
- BM-14888 Fix: Implement GET FETCH command used by cyrus
- FACTORFX-176 Fix: when creating a second domain on a shard
- BM-14339 Fix: wrong systemd services configuration update notification
- BM-14555 Fix: hostname consistency on RedHat
- BM-14811 Fix: services timeout because of bm-docs
- BM-14822 Fix: support for CAS login with email alias
- BM-14854 Fix: iptables -w support on jessie
- BM-14858 Chore: Cyrus initialization issue
- BM-14867 Fix: IMAP auth issue
- BM-14875 Imp: LDAP pool management
- BM-14897 Fix: possible corruption on bm-node write flush
- BM-14920 Fix: avoid timeout on IMAP multiple delete
- Imp: ignore sensitive case on imap/pop logon

### API
- BM-14835 Fix: deal with disconnected IMAP connections
- BM-14747 Fix: add LDAP/AD before and after import hooks
- BM-14766 Fix:  Python ICS import
- BM-14830 Fix: missing net.bluemind.backend.mail.api in csharp client
- BM-14832 Fix: make sortedIds REST call POST instead of GET + data
- BM-14871 Fix: csharp client Stream and String responses
- FEATWEBL-155, FEATWEBL-156: new IOutbox API

### Apps & clients
- BM-14926 Fix: simplify reminders notification flow
- BM-14428 Fix: Tunderbird 68 support
- BM-14578 Fix: sort webmail search results on subject
- BM-14827, BM-14845 Chore: upgrade gwt to 2.8.2
- WORTEKS-51 Fix: pseudo-attachments because of NextCloud integration

### CLI
- Feat: 'maintenance ops' command to enumerate available maintenance operations
- BM-14775, BM-14784 Fix: ES mail history
- BM-14829, BM-14852 Imp: calendar audit log
- EORIS-1 Imp: bm-cli node output
- FEATBL-797 Feat: audit logs analysis utilities

### Doc
- FEATBL-794 Imp: tags API
- FEATBL-776 Imp: Domain api & java docs
- FEATBL-778 Imp: ExternalUser api & java docs
- FEATBL-779 Imp: Filehosting apidoc
- FEATBL-786 Imp: net.bluemind.metrics.alerts.api Javadoc
- FEATBL-787 Imp: net.bluemind.monitoring.api Javadoc
- FEATBL-788 Imp: Resource api & java docs
- FEATBL-795 Imp: todolist api javadoc


#7 2019-07-01 14:54:47

From: Toulouse
Registered: 2014-03-03
Posts: 210

Re: BlueMind 4.0

Changelog 4.0.6
- [api] Fix: IOutbox sendmail implementations were not loaded correctly
- [calendar] BM-14833 Fix: prevent empty tag creation from event form
- [contact] BM-14913 Fix: force photo size in contact browse screen
- [doc] BM-14928 Fix: don't expose internal apis
- [domino] BM-14815 Fix: binary attachments could be corrupted when migrated from Domino
- [eas] BM-14988 Fix: FolderSync on container deleted AND subscription removed
- [eas] BM-14882 Fix: missing hprof after out-of-memory error
- [mail-api] BM-14930 Fix: use mailbox acls for mail-api REST calls
- [mapi] ALLOA-19 BM-14954 Fix: crash because of nested ContactAddressEntryId structure
- [mapi] BM-14531 Fix: display inline image in public folder
- [mapi] BM-14890 Fix: do not duplicate email on follow-up
- [mapi] BM-14910 BM-14931 Feat: use backing files for read & write streams to prevent memory issues
- [mapi] BM-14936 Fix: prevent creation of public folders without ACL check
- [mapi] BM-14951 Fix: freebusy displays unshared calendar as 'No Information'
- [mapi] BM-14953 Fix: mark flagged mail as follow-up
- [mapi] BM-14958 Fix: wrong sender display name in search results
- [mapi] BM-14962 Fix: changing view in public folder
- [mapi] BM-14971 Fix: public folder contact description update
- [mapi] BM-14979 Fix: wrong sender when copying an email from a public folder to one of its subfolders
- [mapi] BM-14991 Fix: do not send unknown folder deletion to Outlook
- [mapi] BM-15003 Fix: don't let outlook rename a well-known folder (eg. INBOX to 'Messages reçus')
- [mapi] Chore: excessively verbose log
- [outlook] BM-14937 Fix: allday event displayed on wrong day if Outlook TZ is not Europe/Paris
- [packaging] BM-15004 Fix: bm-lmtpd does not need tika. On a data shard we save a JVM with this change.
- [task] BM-14907 Fix: add IM widget in task banner
- [tbird] BM-14428 Fix: deprecated xul <caption>, changes in file detach
- [tika] BM-14997 BM-13708 Feat: use systemd watchdog to auto-restart a crashed tika
- [upgrade] BM-15003 Fix: move everything from 'Messages reçus' back to inbox & delete it
- [webmail] BM-14983 Fix: wrong list completion for imported addressbook


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