[4.6.x] Features availability


We have just migrated to BlueMind 4.6.2 (from 4.5.x), I noticed that the new webmail is now out of the beta phase.
But with the new version of the webmail, we can only access a personal account, no shared mailbox or other shared personal mailbox… Is this normal? If yes, from which version will it be possible?


Did you see shared mailboxes in your preference, access old preferences application, Mail, Subscriptions tab ?

You need to subscribe mailboxes to see it mail app. If you enable Synchronization too, those mailboxes will be available from you mobile devices using EAS (IPhone, Android…).


Yes, if I subscribe to shared mailboxes from the old preferences, I can see them in the new webmail.
But this is not the case for the “user” mailbox shares.

User mailbox share is not available from new webmail for now.
This feature will be added in a future version.