BlueMind 3.0.29 is available!

BlueMind Stable 3.0.29 has been released and is available on our repository.

Download links and instructions.


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.


Mobile devices

  • GLAG-72 Fix: event notes are lost after event is moved
  • GLAG-76 Fix: bm-eas stability
  • PICA-18 Fix: synchronization broken on devices trying to sync SMS


  • CGTG-162 Fix: use a default color when printing more calendars than available css colors
  • IGPP-50 Imp: invitation mail template by adding end date for recurring events
  • UDL-16 Fix: calendar view edits creates a copy
  • TLIB-319 Fix: calendar sync and Firefox private browsing mode
  • GLAG-69 Fix: zero-length event does not show


  • PICA-11 Feat: display contact origin in distribution list
  • BM-6456 Fix: accentuated chars in contact


  • UDL-13 Imp: search allows “starts with” and “contains” by default
  • UDL-15 Imp: contextual help on search syntax

Outlook Connector

  • BM-7387 Imp: add connector to Outlook 2016 not to disable addin list
  • Fix: don’t reset participation when rereading email invitation
  • Imp: Outlook 2016 support, show button in ribbon and settings page
  • SUDO-69 Imp: alert user that attachment added on a meeting will only be visible to him. BlueMind does not support meeting attachments for now
  • SUDO-75 Fix: sync error after adding a distribution group to an existing meeting
  • TLIB-329 Fix: delete meeting created by Outlook in the default calendar when reading a meeting request in another user mail folder

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-7397 Fix: autocomplete group email from BlueMind server
  • BM-7600 Fix: outcoming Thunderbird 45 compatibility, fix settings page
  • COAX-236 Fix: auto-configuration with default BM IMAP account login/password when user has multiple mailboxes
  • UDL-32 Imp: add option to prevent synchronization of Directory addressbook


  • CUMAY-2 Feat: manage default domain timezone from Admin Console
  • BM-7178 Fix: prevent creation of an alias when an existing domain has the same name
  • TLIB-323 Fix: QuotaGathering job skipped sometimes in multiple domain configuration
  • BM-5552 Fix: erroneous “NotAServerFault” warning after an update


  • SMILE-187 Fix: restore issues when backup is too big


  • ULR-24 Fix: SSO : include original request path in service parameter


  • BM-7380 Fix: Domino email attachments could be corrupted when the file format imposed null bytes at the end
  • TLIB-310 Imp: Exchange 2013 migration

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!