BlueMind 3.0.31 is available!

BlueMind Stable 3.0.31 has been released and is available on our repository.

Download links and instructions.


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You can migrate your data manually otherwise.



  • BM-6612 Fix: reduce cache time on folder hierarchy


  • BM-5331 Feat: print calendar now handles ‘show weekend’ setting
  • ACMS-212 Fix: prevent unwanted notifications in calendar
  • Fix: ICS import when event recurrence doesn’t use interval field
  • MDSO-446 Fix: print events with status TENTATIVE
  • SFL-11 Fix: when an event only has one attendee, the attendee can delete the event
  • TLIB-335 Fix: FreeBusy query did not match all events
  • TLIB-353 Fix: invalidate organizer/attendees cache after a fixed duration

Address book

  • TLIB-338 Fix: contact search is now sorted with lowercase and unicode displayname
  • UDL-52 Fix: when sorting contact phone, voice phone are now prioritized
  • UDL-57 Fix: correctly unset tooltip on contact/dlist toolbar


  • IBSN-18 Fix: set the correct “from” e-mail on identity update

Outlook connector

  • Fix: improve connector stability, fix memory leaks in COM calls

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-7878 Fix: autocomplete distribution list with no email
  • BM-7905 Fix: fetch original archived message on IMAP account configured to not store emails offline
  • Imp: speed up distribution lists synchronization
  • UDL-83 Imp: disable Directory addressbook sync, ask user on sync if he wants to enable it

Mobile devices

  • BM-7751 Fix: login with alias
  • COAX-242 Fix: sync with push mode
  • BM-8000 Fix: meetings were updated when having write right on the organizer
  • BM-8045: Add the ability to send an email with only bcc
  • CLERCO-2, OSS-781 Fix: sync with some HTML emails
  • Fix: some cases on weekly recurring events


  • UDL-42 Fix: _ char is not used anymore as a wildcard in directory search
  • IGPP-173 Fix: don’t reset mail max size on firewall configuration update


  • Fix: mailshare metadata are now restored correctly when meta and data partitions are separated

IMAP Proxy

  • ALTR-319 BM-7616 Fix: prevent move from & to shared folders
  • issues with date parser


  • UDL-81 Feat: re-arm cache timer if password is still valid
  • UDL-81 Feat: speed up event deletions


  • BM-8049 Feat: save mailUseQuota into DB during QuotaGatheringJob so it can be retrieved using API user.getMailQuotaUse()
  • Chore: add API sample to update sieve rules
  • Chore: add addressbook scala example
  • Chore: bm-pimp: add warning about .ini files overwrite

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!