BlueMind 3.0.33 is available!

BlueMind Stable 3.0.33 has been released and is available on our repository.

Download links and instructions.


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.



  • BM-9060 Fix: don’t collect group email in collected contacts
  • CGTG-177 Fix: link handling in archived mails
  • UDL-92 Fix: store new mail in sent folder of current identity even if reply_same_folder is enabled


  • BM-8443 Imp: prevent web client to try to sync too many calendars at once
  • BM-9288: Imp: all day events are UTC event
  • HLM-51 Fix: prevent event deletion to send invitation mail
  • IGPP-171 Fix: set event timezone to owner default timezone
  • IGPP-171 Fix: configurable timezone for recurring events
  • MDSO-456, BM-9096 Fix: NPE when sending an event notification to a resource admin
  • BM-537 Fix: visual clue than there are more events available than displayed in month view

Mobile devices

  • IGPP-171 Feat: ActiveSync timezone support
  • ULR-56 Fix: synchronization time frame

Outlook connector

  • BM-8455 Fix: “7zip unsupported method” during connector setup execution when downloaded from a RedHat server
  • FULLSAVE-7 Fix: attendee loss when updating meeting
  • TCSCIT-60 Fix: Outlook 2013/2016 cannot create contact/calendar folder with ‘/’ in name (IMAP delimiter)

Thunderbird connector

  • COAX-260 Fix: one-day gap for birthday and anniversary when set in Thunderbird
  • ULR-78 Fix: contact sync buffer to avoid server timeouts and duplicates


  • CGTG-178 Fix: search items with an underscore
  • ACMS-226 Fix: start backup from previous successful backup in case of server restart
  • Fix: exchange-migration-tool: do not migrate read receipt
  • BM-9306 Fix: on group update, create the group if it doesn’t exist in LDAP


  • Imp: python code samples: getting user with mobile, updating external Ids
  • Imp: scala code sample: promoting emails

Software stack

  • Imp: force ElasticSearch replica number to 0, so health check return green status
  • BM-8578 Fix: NPE on empty subject email in Message Queue
  • BM-8572 Fix: malicious SVG security issue in Roundcube
  • BM-9186 Fix: merge upstream fixes for cyrus-imapd vulnerabilities CVE-2015-8077 and CVE-2015-8078

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!