BlueMind 3.0.34 is available!

BlueMind Stable 3.0.34 has been released and is available on our repository.

Download links and instructions.

BlueMind 3.0.34 is a bugfix release for a calendar synchronization regression experienced by browsers that don’t use IndexedDB (BM-9497).


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.



  • BM-9497 Fix: calendar randomly get out-of-sync
  • CGTG-186 Fix: default timezone restore when setting a all-day event to a given time
  • BM-8890 Imp : Improve ICS import

Mobile devices

  • Imp: add the client protocol version in the request tags
  • Fix: handle broken multipart/relative mime types used by some Samsung devices
  • BM-9538 Fix: Android participation propagation


  • TCSCIT-66 Fix: login in multiple IMAP backend configuration
  • BM-8826 Imp: forbid to delete other users Sent, Trash, Drafts and Junk folders

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!