BlueMind 3.5.1 has been released!

BlueMind 3.5.1 has been released and is available for download.

BlueMind 3.5.1 in packed with fixes, most of them targeted to ease and safe-proof migrations from BlueMind 3.0. Those migrations will still be performed only under our supervision for now: you may contact our support team by opening a ticket if you wish to upgrade your setup.


Upgrade is performed from a 3.5.0 install with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.


Java 8

  • Feat: leverage java 8 and provide a promise-based asynchronous java API

    HttpClientProvider provider = …;
    VertxLocatorClient vls = new VertxLocatorClient(provider, login);
    VertxPromiseServiceProvider anonProvider = new VertxPromiseServiceProvider(provider, vls, null);
    IAuthenticationPromise authApi = anonProvider.instance(“bm/core”, IAuthenticationPromise.class);
    CompletableFuture loginRespProm = authApi.login(login, password, “my-origin”);
    loginRespProm.thenAccept(loginResp → {



  • BM-10563, BM-10555 Imp: display progress bars
  • BM-10513 Fix: autocomplete on mailshare addresses
  • BM-10492 Fix: roles migration for users and domains
  • BM-10486 Fix: memory overflow during events migration
  • BM-10483 Fix: folder hierarchy of archived users
  • BM-10465 Fix: missing tags color
  • BM-10238 Fix: missing user profile pics
  • Fix: missing indexes in database


  • SMILE-197 Fix: empty body when displaying archived mail


  • BM-10462, BM-10612, BM-10590, BM-10421, BM-10372, BM-10340, BM-10333 Fix: various recurrence issues
  • BM-10428, BM-10427 Fix: resource reservation

Mobile devices

  • BM-10562 Fix: exception when fetching a body instead of an attachment
  • Fix: IMAP search fallback

Outlook connector

  • BM-10054 Fix: freeze when listing upstream folder hierarchy
  • BM-10341 Fix: race issue between LIST and FETCH
  • BM-10241 Fix: avoid sending meeting as modified after organizer received attendee response
  • BM-10411 Fix: Outlook 2010 participation actions in invitation email
  • FULLSAVE-33 Fix: events sync loop
  • TCSCIT-101, FULLSAVE-23 Fix: close keep alive connection after sync
  • TLIB-404, TLIB-398 Fix: sync blocked by error on contact save
  • BM-10530 Fix: invitations for resources through virtual contacts folder
  • BM-10329 Imp: directory photos are not available

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-10231 Fix: autocomplete issues with auto-collected group email
  • BM-9543 Fix: remove offline data on connector reset
  • BM-10542, BM-10539 Imp: i18n of connector preferences and filechooser UI
  • BM-10503 Fix: forward of a mail with attachment that has already been forwarded through EAS


  • BM-10362 Fix: check rights on event bus access
  • Feat: use DH2048 ssl for Instant Messaging
  • BM-10558, BM-10511, BM-10502, BM-10495, BM-10493,BM-10345 Fix: admin rights management
  • BM-10314: Imp: accentuated chars in passwords
  • BM-9916 Fix: RoundCube possible click-jacking vulnerability


  • Imp: remove subscriptions to deleted folder when re-indexing
  • Imp: share http client provider to avoid spawning a new http connection pool on each ips session

Locator Service

  • BM-10467, BM-10479 Imp: filter improvements on email and user data location
  • Imp: improve performance for host requests


  • BM-10423, BM-10422, BM-10364 Fix: some RedHat services won’t start or start in wrong order
  • Imp: add Milter extension points on from and rcpt command
  • Chore: tika 1.13, gwt 2.8.0 and tigase 7.0.4 upgrades
  • Chore: remove unused mina reference

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!