BlueMind 3.5.10

BlueMind 3.5.10 has just been released!

This new release brings many performance improvements to the table, along with the customary fixes and enhancements. We strongly recommend the update.


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.



  • Imp: webmail performance


  • BM-13349 Fix: sort distribution list members
  • BM-13499 Fix: sort group members by name


  • BM-13347 Fix: missing colors when printing calendar


  • BM-13295 Fix: blank page at startup

Thunderbird connector

  • ALTR-387 Fix: update of connector not working with latest Thunderbird 60

Outlook connector

  • BM-13555 Fix: error when creating addressbook
  • BM-13357 Fix: reading archived meeting email


  • Fix: bm-check jps path on centos
  • BM-13302 Feat: provide a banner button for Chronograf
  • Feat: record transport latency on email delivery
  • Feat: classify and quantify inbound & outbound email traffic
  • FEATBL-476 Feat: add annotations for core starts and long jobs executions
  • BM-13390 Feat: vmware dashboard using vmware tools metrics
  • Feat: bm-core requests are now tagged using API path, enabling tracking


  • FEATBL-512 Feat: external users can be added to groups
  • POPIT-182 BM-13402 Fix: when a sudo is used, log the performing actor
  • BM-13437 Fix: mailshare restore
  • BM-13466 Fix: Prevent mailbox sharing across data shards (which is not supported)


  • ACMS-259 Imp: recursive query performance on t_folder search by path
  • BM-13441 Imp: listing huge directories
  • AC Imp: listing members of huge groups
  • BM-13427 Imp: RemindersJob by using a cache
  • Imp: new index on t_calendar_view
  • ACMS-259 Imp: folder lookup and migration time
  • BM-13449 Imp: email delivery time


  • Imp: BlueMind is now using systemd natively when supported by the distribution
  • Feat: enable latency calculations between nodes
  • BM-13307 : httpClient pool exhaustion when downloading documents


  • BM-13505 Fix: exchange-migration-tool loop when listing folders
  • COAX-502 Fix: remove local suffix from IMAP PST folder’s name
  • Fix: migration of archived users

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

3.5.10 Hotfix #1 changelog

  • BM-13571 Imp: LDAP import performance
  • ALTR-388 Fix: broken user browser widget in admin console
  • POPIT-151 Imp: accidental user disconnection
  • BM-13599 Imp: authentication performance
  • BM-13589 Chore: reduce IPS ping frequency
  • BM-13609 Fix: bm-iptables and firewalld conflict on redhat distributions
  • BM-13575 Imp: directory entity listing performance in admin console
  • BM-13585 Fix: inherit OU rights from groups
  • BM-13597 Imp: delegation management user interfaces

3.5.10 Hotfix #2 changelog

  • COAX-523 Fix: upgrade to Redemption 5.18 to fix bugs introduced by Windows 10 october update (1809)
  • LAP-100 Fix: work-around tigase strange TLS behaviour
  • BM-13635 Fix: resource management workflow
  • BM-13609 Fix: iptables/firewalld conflict on RedHat
  • BM-13641 Fix: migration of archived users
  • BM-13619 Fix: invalid cyrus configuration
  • BM-13616 Imp: performance when browsing contacts from webmail
  • BM-13298 Fix: folder hierarchy of archived users
  • BM-13651 Fix: migration of users with unconfigured external routing (BM 3.0 issue)

3.5.10 Hotfix #3 changelog

  • BM-13663 Fix: corporate signature FROM parsing error
  • BM-13682 Fix: Outlook TLS error on first connection to set attachment max size
  • BM-13690, BM-13713 Imp: core performance: eas partnershipProvider and folders cache
  • BM-13697 Fix: update postfix map on mailbox move
  • BM-13686 Imp: ExecutionCleaner job performance
  • BM-13716 Fix: missing group addresses in directory after migration
  • BM-13722 Fix: wrong path in some bm-checks scripts
  • BM-13664 Fix: incorrect YSNP pid file path after migration
  • BM-13712 Imp: imap proxy cache size limit
  • BM-13655 Fix: prevent directory outbreak
  • BM-13714 Imp: avoid duplicate webmail call on message read
  • INSAT-173 Fix: additional check before starting tika service
  • BM-13624 Fix: reminder job events cache

3.5.10 Hotfix #4 changelog

  • BM-13742 Fix: subscription validation race issue
  • BM-13753 Fix: prevent ConcurrentModificationException in ReminderJob
  • BM-13527 Imp: remove prefix from user display name in directory listing
  • BM-13683 Imp: better label for attendees/resource when creating an event
  • BM-13787 Imp: use casDomain for authentication fallback if casUser contains a @
  • BM-13756 Fix: allow backend selection on user creation
  • MDSO-484 Fix: missing resource icons/photos after migration
  • BM-13752 Fix: remove orphan freebusy containers
  • BM-13786 Fix: migration of archived users

3.5.10 Hotfix #5 changelog

  • BM-13796 Fix: external email field is too small
  • BM-13797 Fix: can’t modify external user information in Admin Console
  • BM-13802 Fix: backend listbox shows IP instead of backend name
  • BM-13816 Fix: use datalocation for POP when multiple backends are available
  • BM-13807 Fix: upgrade metrics agent to avoid failure when state files are corrupted
  • BM-13842 Fix: don’t filter hidden entries when managing group members in Admin Console
  • BM-13750 Fix: timeout during autocomplete search in Thunderbird
  • BM-13800 Fix: skip email generation of non-routed accounts during migration
  • BM-13818 Fix: folder hierarchy does not update
  • BM-13744 Fix: touch: check if has changelog
  • BM-13813 Imp: IDirectory#search performance
  • BM-13843 Fix: HPS url connection
  • BM-13647 Imp: lock session only when processing attachments (upload, remove, preview)
  • BM-13817 Fix: bm-checks return normalization to ease Nagios integration

3.5.10 Hotfix #6 changelog

  • BM-13879 Imp: group search use an sql filter instead of a java filter
  • BM-13863 Fix: can’t add group members when directory is too big