BlueMind 3.5.12

The last version of our collaborative messaging solution has just been released!

BlueMind 3.5.12 is packed with enhancements and fixes, among which:


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.



  • BM-11105 Fix: contact duplication when email contains uppercase chars
  • BM-14178 Fix: nested groups expansion in composer
  • Fix: remove incorrect member count for groups


  • BM-13347 Fix: calendar color when printing is list mode
  • BM-14505 Fix: Accept / decline one occurrence of an event


  • BM-14491 Fix: 500 error when deleting an external calendar

Corporate signature

  • BM-14119 Imp: add support for fax.home and variables
  • BM-14504 Fix: signature is displayed though it is not enabled

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-14340 Imp: limit group query for autocomplete when directory is sync

Outlook connector

  • BM-14325 Feat: use Redemption 5.19
  • TCSCIT-217 Fix: Outlook connector upgrade issue


  • BM-14158 Fix: cannot delete external user first name
  • BM-14120 Fix: handle milter hprofs with tick self-healing
  • CLERCO-81 Imp: better log for disk usage error
  • FACTORFX-142 Imp: exchange-migration-tool can import non-standard ‘IPM’ messages
  • BM-cli Imp: add match on regex option to apply action on selected mailboxes only
  • BM-cli Feat: user logout command to close all sessions (web, imap, smtp) of a given user


  • BM-14251 Imp: do not use cluster on changeset and acl table
  • BM-14005 Imp: increase ES deleteByQuery batch size and do not retrieve document to better performance
  • BM-13832 Fix: throttle XMPP presence notification to avoid CPU load
  • BM-13675 BM-14097 Imp: backport service topology from v4 for performance
  • BM-13725 BM-13726 Imp: better index types for container_type, direntry_kind & container_acl.verb
  • BM-13705 Imp: reduce IPS locator calls


  • BM-14479 Fix: Add missing api to bm-api-jar and to bm-doc

Core services

  • BM-14245 Fix: schedule in at least 2ms to prevent vertx error
  • BM-14050 Fix: notification for admin0 shares


  • BM-14099 Fix: do not delete /var/spool/bm-elasticsearch symlink on upgrade
  • BM-14151 Fix: restart ysnp on upgrade to handle the new topology topic gracefully

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

Hotfix #1

  • BM-14557 Fix: signature preview for recipient with 3 part domain email
  • BM-14561 Fix: bm-postgres dependency on archived debian wheezy
  • BM-14151 Fix: in-core upgrader to perform ysnp restart on all servers
  • BM-14151 Fix: fallback to if topology failed

Hotfix #2

  • Fix: use redemption 5.20, fix “System.InvalidCastException” on Outlook connector calendar sync
  • BM-14605 Fix: properly reset Elasticsearch during migration

Hotfix #3

  • IEQ-1942 Chore: bind hoster report addon to bluemind-all lifecycle
  • BM-14725 Fix: properly remove deleted entities from calendar views

Hotfix #4

  • Imp: make imap/pop auth case-insensitive
  • WORTEKS-51 Fix: ghost attachments with NextCloud integration
  • BM-14827 Fix: Firefox 67 admin console support
  • BM-14846 Fix: upgrade failure because of bad filehosting configuration
  • BM-14838 Fix: LDAP group membership update

Hotfix #5

  • BM-13930 Fix: incorrect user variables in signature when using alias
  • BM-14880 Fix: unsupported iptables configuration for Debian Wheezy
  • BM-14428 Fix: Thundirdbird 68 support
  • FEATBL-822, BM-14852, BM-14829 Feat: calendar utilities in bm-cli
  • BM-14763 Fix: empty calendar page
  • BM-14919 Fix: empty SMTP FROM message from Cyrus

Hotfix #6

  • BM-14941 Feat: migrate custom properties from BM 3.0
  • BM-14942 Fix: duplicate LDAP/AD entries in poolByDomain map
  • BM-14815 Fix: binary attachments corruption when migrating from Domino
  • BM-14950 Fix: loss of dlist links when exporting vCard
  • BM-14937 Fix: allday event displayed on wrong day if Outlook TZ is not Europe/Paris
  • MDSO-491 Fix: invalid character in ‘Subject’ breaks email sync on mobile devices
  • MDSO-490 Imp: migrate resource type labels and icons
  • BM-14428 Fix: Thunderbird 68 support: deprecated xul , changes in file detachment
  • BM-14925 BM-14970 Imp: push message infos from lmtp indexing plugin to hazelcast to speed up the mail notifications process
  • BM-14969 Fix: inconsistent state after unselecting all work days in settings

Hotfix #7

  • BM-14969 fix: don’t fail on missing working days
  • BM-14963 Feat: add LDAP export enhancer entry point
  • BM-14981 Fix: bm-iptables script syntax
  • BM-14875 Imp: LDAP pool management
  • BM-14947 Fix: autcomplete in direct call widget

Hotfix #8 has been aborted due to a LDAP regression

Hotfix #9

  • BM-14963, BM-15082, BM-15085, BM-15087 Imp: LDAP integration enhancements
  • BM-15044 Fix: custom group properties migration
  • BM-15073 Fix: migration failure on missing configuration
  • BM-15069 Fix: error in disaster recovery script
  • BM-15067 Chore: upgrade postgresql
  • BM-15076 Fix: ysnp failure on dedicated node after migration from BM 3.0
  • BM-15094 Fix: accidental re-creation of deleted items

Changelog 3.5.12-10

  • WORTEKS-66 Fix: calendar sync from another BlueMind instance
  • BM-15177 Fix: PST import fails on invalid header
  • ACMS-345 Fix: incorrect display of shared mailboxes
  • BM-15136 Fix: Thunderbird 57+, 68 compatibility, installing CA on start
  • BM-15120 Fix: export user company to LDAP o attribute
  • BM-15115 Fix: add signature to vacation emails
  • BM-15104 Fix: multiple reminders on a recurrence exception
  • BM-15095 Fix: disable hazelcast usage data collection for performance
  • BM-15102 Fix: can’t delete field on LDAP export
  • BM-15107 Fix: use formated name as LDAP displayName