BlueMind 3.5.13

BlueMind 3.5.13 is packed with enhancements and fixes, among which:

  • SB-809, FEATBL-827 Feat: file attachment to a calendar event

  • FEATBL-744, FEATBL-822 Feat: new command-line

    to export mails, contacts, calendars and tasks in a tar archive

  • FEATBL-738, FEATBL-805, FEATBL-807, FEATBL-809, FEATBL-870 Feat: advanced
    resource reservation workflow with templates (for instance to invite
    people to a video conference)


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a
BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually


  • BM-15270 Fix: Topology from webmail
  • BM-15266 Fix: share contact is not deleted from dlist when “validate” is clicked
  • BM-15255 Chore: NGinx version 1.16 upgrade
  • BM-15253 Fix: possible duplicates when creating external accounts
  • BM-15247 Fix: LdapAddressBookSyncJob does not sync LDAP/AD addressbooks
  • BM-15239 Fix: user with UO admin rights cannot create new user
  • BM-15238 Fix: pagination briken in admin console
  • BM-15234 Fix: adding identity fails
  • BM-15233 Fix: event attachment: Upload from PC sends Form-data instead of raw binary
  • BM-15231 Fix: webmail composer does not list all distribution lists
  • BM-15215 Fix: Roundcube TinyMCE French localization
  • BM-15214 Fix: Milter DirectoryCache invalidation
  • BM-15184 Fix: [Core] folders not deleted properly
  • BM-15176 Fix: event list view navigation issues when week-ends are hidden
  • BM-15138 Fix: possible backup loss when warnings arise
  • BM-15112 Fix: filehosting max size issue during upgrade
  • BM-15110 Fix: successful CAS auth for archived user
  • BM-15083 Fix: migration 3.0->3.5 failure
  • BM-15067 Chore: postgresql upgrade
  • BM-15038 Fix: accents in resource variables
  • BM-14875 Fix: core freeze when LDAP fails
  • BM-14771 Fix: correct sort for items beginning with . char
  • BM-14718 Fix: [bm-cli] aliases resolution
  • BM-14705 Fix: API externaluser not exported in clients
  • BM-14699 Fix: external users may override existing address
  • BM-14676 Fix: banner new message notification outdated
  • BM-14595 Fix: [outlook] missing connector logs in error report
  • BM-14593 Imp: [cli] Setquota on whole domain
  • BM-14592 Imp: [cli] export all calendars/contacts by default
  • BM-14558 Fix: [tbird] invitation actions on wrong message
  • BM-14554 Chore: [hazelcast] upgrade
  • BM-14535 Fix: [Calendar][PDF] events hidden when start time is not square
  • BM-14510 Fix: invalid tooltip in search form
  • BM-14508 Fix: [EAS] error on contact search
  • BM-14501 Fix: [Calendar] shared calendar PDF print displays refused events
  • BM-14496 Imp: [EAS] issues with adding participant to recurring event
  • BM-14473 Imp: [core] audit log : mupdate requests show on a signle line
  • BM-14423 BM-T106: Fix: can’t read task details from agenda
  • BM-14312 Fix: PHP client: variable initialization
  • BM-13991 Fix: [adminconsole] can’t look for users by login in directory
  • BM-13990 Fix: [AC / ExternalUser] can’t edit external user
  • BM-13803 Fix: upgrader to delete orphan containers after a domain deletion
  • BM-13735 Fix: [webmail] sending big attachments fails
  • BM-13222 Fix: [webmail] broken formatting when switching from text to html in composer
  • BM-13193 Fix: Calendar “print to PDF” entries differ from the original (web) entries.
  • BM-12661 Fix: [cal] load view from month view
  • BM-12432 Imp: [Cyrus] check lmtp status
  • BM-12326 Imp: [Upgrade] if IP or FQDN is not properly set, use NULL by default
  • BM-12065 Fix: [RC] filters get inactive when switching folder
  • BM-11292 Fix: can’t search with char
  • BM-11213 Fix: recurring event edit workflow from list view

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!


  • TEICEE-76 Fix: Caldav unsupported after OS X Catalina upgrade
  • BM-15290 Chore: temp dir purge after bm-cli user data export
  • Feat: bm-cli user data import


  • BM-15301 Fix: check Max child cyrus value on API call
  • BM-14530 Fix: [tick] postgresql connection leak
  • BM-15313 Imp: activate SMTP auth when sending from webmail
  • BM-15271 Fix: calendar import from user settings
  • BM-15276 Fix: backup silent failure
  • BM-15299 Fix: [LDAP/AD] postal address deleted from the directory still present in BlueMind
  • BM-15318 Imp: print IPs in logs on auth success
  • BM-15324 Fix: Nginx : deprecated ssl directive


  • BM-15165, BM-15357, EORIS-21 Fix: Internal serveur error when message subject contains “??”
  • BM-15335, FONIA-35 Fix: Postfix not reloaded after message size is changed
  • BM-15339, CGTG-319 Fix: scheduled job FileHostingCleanUpJob does not start in automatic mode
  • BM-15354, CLERCO-148 Fix: re-creation by Outlook of a deleted meeting occurence after deletion by the event owner
  • ULR-213 Fix: MacOS Mojave Calendar: “delegated” calendar list displays “System ((null))” instead of calendar name
  • BM-15376, MIBM-90 [tbird] no autocomplete on family name when directory is not synced
  • BM-15381, ULR-215 [tbird] Missing icons for sync/calendar/tasks


  • BM-15392, COAX-608 Fix: tbird 68.2.2 missing event actions in invitation message
  • BM-15019, BM-15400, BM-13509, FACTORFX-187, MIBM-68, BM-15300 Fix: wrong out-of-office end date in Thunderbird
  • BM-15096, NEXEYA-46 Fix: LFI encoding issue
  • BM-15400, BM-15019, BM-15074, MIBMSUP-12 Fix: [tbird] user preferences tab
  • BM-15504, COAX-609 Fix: creating event on IE 11
  • BM-15514, FACTORFX-268 Fix: exchange-migration-tool : accentuated/special chars are removed from headers
  • BM-15074, BM-15400 Fix: [tbird] TB 68 broken vacation dialog
  • BM-15197, CGTG-305, TLIB-742 Fix: WebUI attachments buggy behaviour
  • BM-15319, ULR-206 Imp: filter errors in bm-cli calendar log
  • BM-15354, CLERCO-148 Fix: event occurence wrongly re-created after being deleted by organizer on Outlook
  • BM-15424 Fix: accidental half-inclusion of FEATBL-939
  • BM-15450, BM-15288, BM-15433, ALTR-408 Fix: malfunctioning
  • BM-15459 Fix: split ES : python import
  • BM-15497 Imp: [Contact] export All does not generate uid in vcf
  • BM-15498, FACTORFX-266 Fix: LDAP/AD segmentation group