BlueMind 3.5.14


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.

Upgrade preparation

From BlueMind 3.5.14 you need to enable upgrade in the Admin Console (System Management > BlueMind update) before you can upgrade BlueMind packages with aptitude. This additional step allows the administrator to upgrade the system easily without upgrading BlueMind.

Changelog BlueMind 3.5.14

  • [AC] BM-15572 Fix: define a last name to domain admin
  • [AC] FEATBL-945 Feat: implement UI for new SenderIsRule in mailflow management tab
  • [AC/FH] check domain filehosting max size when modifying global one
  • [Calendar] BM-15431 Fix: check if attendee dir is null before using it
  • [Calendar] make list navigation works when weekend are not displayed
  • [core] FEATBL-943 Feat: add a SenderIs mailflow rule
  • [Cyrus] BM-15175 Fix: sieve script max size to 128
  • [dav] ULR-213 Fix: direntry resolution
  • [eas] BM-15495 Fix: set a date in EMLs if the device did not set one[eas] BM-15495 Fix: set a date in EMLs if the device did not set one
  • [eas] BM-15536 Fix: forward email, missing body in some case
  • [locator] BM-15270 Fix: when running multiple backends, ips is tied to cyrus datalocation
  • [migrate] BM-15537 Fix: miscellaneous fixes on exchange migration tool
  • [migration] BM-15514 Fix: ex-migration-tool do not strip accents in mail headers (regression introduced by BM-15177)
  • [migration] BM-15521 Fix: ex-migration-tool, fixes migrate data from exchange 2007
  • [migration] BM-15548 Fix: ex-migration-tool search calendar/contact/tasks default folders in sub folders
  • [migration] BM-15559 Imp: ex-migration-tool, better warning message when invalid data whas refused by BM
  • [migration] FONIA-31 Fix: migrate distribution list member not in a folder
  • [migration] POPIT-247 Fix: ex-migration-tool, error when default cal/task folder is not found
  • [Milter] add missing jar for topology and make sure its available
  • [Milter] use changeset in DirectoryCache to invalidate outdated vCard
  • [outlook] BM-15354 Fix: canceled occurrence previously modified recreated by outlook connector
  • [outlook] BM-15354 Fix: outlook re-creating deleted occurrence of meeting
  • [Settings] BM-15509 Fix: a user can edit its HTML signature
  • [tbird] BM-15392 Fix: invitation bar not displayed on meeting request
  • [tbird] BM-15400 Fix: open bm settings in tab
  • [tbird] BM-15574 Fix: Tbird 68.3.1 support, clear indexed DB on reset
  • [tbird] BM-15597 Fix: imip bar not displayed when extension is loaded from cache
  • [tbird] UMTP3-118 Fix: tbird 68 suppport, archived mail
  • [Tick] BM-14530 Fix: SystemV init script
  • [Tick] BM-15330 Fix: telegraf quick restart on upgrade could leave
  • [Webmail] BM-15197 Fix: clear attachments form when clicking on attachment button
  • [Webmail] BM-15313 Feat: enable SMTP authentication
  • [Webmail] BM-15494 Fix: send email using the SSL submission port
  • [webmail]BM-15502 Fix: Restore personnal signature if there is no corporate signature
  • [webmail] BM-15553 Fix: Only the first div in body should be relative

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

Changelog 3.5.14-1

  • BM-15121 Fix: mynetworks postfix error if only FQDN is declared in AdminConsole
  • BM-15529, POPIT-255, TLIB-754, BM-15653 Fix: EAS send mail, class cast exception RawField to PaserdField
  • BM-15635, BM-15634 Fix: SMTP error when sending messages
  • BM-15650, IN-93 Fix: mobile devices sync issue
  • BM-15664, CLERCO-160, TLIB-753 Fix: external invitation does not create event in calendar
  • BM-15660 Fix: xmpp package upgrade error
  • BM-15656, BM-15653 Fix: invitation processing error if a mailshare is attending