BlueMind 3.5.15

Changelog 3.5.14 → 3.5.15

Major improvements

Improvements to the Calendar:

The management of invitations and responses to meetings has been improved. Notification options, labels and names have been clarified and simplified to reduce the risk of differing or inconsistent views between employees.

The management of recurring events has also been improved:
The ability to choose how changes apply to a series of events (to apply to one instance, the whole series or subsequent instances) has been rolled out to all actions carried out in calendar view.

When organizing a meeting, the organizer can now choose to send the information to participants or save the meeting as draft to finalize the event later.
The organizer can also choose to notify all participants or not when a guest is added or removed.
Participants can no longer accept or decline an invitation without sending a response to the organizer.

Please refer to the documentation for more details.

This version introduces the possibility to manage the expiring BlueMind passwords.
When this feature is enabled, users are forced to change their password when it expires. Administrators can make a password expire with immediate effect in order to force a user to change it.

Please refer to documentation for more details.

BlueMind calendar (web)

  • BM-15775: Fixes a bug preventing drag&drop of recurring events from one day to another (only affected the first instance).

  • BM-15802: Fixes an issue preventing the synchronization of large external calendars.

CALDav Calendar

  • ULR-216: Fixes an issue when synchronizing using CALDav. A crash would occur if a CALDav synchronized device attempted to delete an event that had already been deleted.

ICS Calendar (email)

  • BM-15562 BM-15608: Some malformed attached files could prevent an event from appearing in
    the calendar, even if it was displayed in webmail. This issue is now fixed, malformed
    attached files are now ignored.

  • BM-15656: Fixes an issue when receiving an ICS invite in a shared mailbox.
    Shared mailboxes don’t have a calendar, so invites are simply ignored.

    A log still exists in /var/log/bm/lmtp.log:
    Unsupported entry kind: {} for email {}"

Exchange Active Sync (EAS)

  • BM-15529: Fixes an email sending issue on some Android devices.
    In some cases, sending emails (replies) was prevented because the date field was not parsed properly.
    When this happens, BlueMind now initializes the date field itself.

  • BM-15201: New users can now configure a new device without waiting for 10 minutes after
    the user is created.

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-15766: Calendar: when updating the Thunderbird connector, the cache was not fully cleared,
    which could lead to a synchronization issue. The cache is now fully cleared.
  • BM-15850: Signature: improvement allowing BlueMind to remember signature preview preferences.

Outlook connector:

  • BM-15365: The synchronization is no longer stopped when the user opens the Outlook File Menu.
    The connector now stops the synchronization when the user opens the BlueMind settings.

Admin console:

  • BM-15724: Password changes: Fixes a crash if an Active Directory (or LDAP) synchronized
    user tried to update their password.

    A message is now displayed warning about the mismanipulation.
    (Passwords must be changed through the LDAP or ActiveDirectory server, not through BlueMind).

  • BM-15716: Mail / Groups: misc fixes in the handling of group permissions:
    In group settings, the management of rights was tied to the “Keep copy of messages” checkbox which was restrictive. Rights management is now allowed all the time.

  • BM-15546: Fixes an error when a non administrator user tries to create a new
    domain. Permissions are now checked before a domain can be created. If the
    user does not have sufficient permissions level, an error message is displayed.

  • BM-15121: Fixes a problem when saving system configurations.
    If only the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) was present in the server, an error prevented
    the administrator from saving the configuration.

    An error message is now displayed: “Invalid mynetworks: [xxx] - must contain only IP or subnet.”

  • FEATBL-946: Host reporting tool has received multiple improvements for host subscriptions.



  • BM-15853: Fixes a quota display issue when a user is restored from backup.

  • BM-15896: Restoring a user no longer requires a maintenance operation (check & repair) to allow the deletion of files.


  • BM-15719: Improves the displaying of a PostgreSQL database connection error.

    If the code doesn’t manage to connect to the database, a core log (var/log/bm/core.log) now shows the passing of “Unable to connect to pool …” rather than a Java stacktrace.


  • BM-15660: Fixes an upgrade issue if the XMPP service (Instant messaging) was disabled.
    The disabled service is now ignored during the upgrade process.

  • BM-15816: Some nginx logs were displayed twice (http/https server)


  • BM-15849: When users are forced to change their password, password re-use is no longer allowed.


  • *BM-14887: The tasks displayed on screen are no longer limited to 100.

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

Changelog 3.5.15 → 3.5.15-1

  • BM-15692 Feat: AD proxyAddresses attribute support
  • BM-15496 Fix: cannot save vacation filter
  • BM-15923 Fix: server IP is mandatory when adding server
  • IEQ-2245 Chore: hoster reports anonymization

Changelog 3.5.15-1 → 3.5.15-2

  • BM-15951 Imp: better log on error for QuotaGatheringJob
  • BM-15955 Fix: authentication failure if left part of an alias is login for a different user
  • BM-14792 Fix: group member list in AC
  • BM-15909 Fix: css line-height unitless values are valid

Changelog 3.5.15-2 → 3.5.15-3

  • POPIT-270 Fix: wrong subscription validation rule
  • BM-15992 Fix: failure when synchronizing with external calendar
  • BM-15991 Fix: import employeeType and division from AD

Changelog 3.5.15-3 → 3.5.15-4

  • BM-16023 Fix: make pre-replication re-entrant
  • BM-16013 Fix: user search by email error
  • [outlook] BM-16058, ORIX-43 Fix: error saving vacation (date with null timezone)
  • COAX-615 Fix: external calendar sync blocked
  • BM-16081 Fix: RHEL7 PHP compatibility

Changelog 3.5.15-4 → 3.5.15-5

  • COAX-615 Fix: external calendar sync blocked

Changelog 3.5.15-5 → 3.5.15-6

  • FONIA-41 Fix: vcard group sanitize, avoid duplicate member
  • [webmail] BM-16183 Fix: empty page because of body parsing error
  • [tbird] BM-16241 Feat: Thunderbird 78 support with a new WebExtension connector

Changelog 3.5.15-6 → 3.5.15-7

  • BM-16249 Fix: reload Thunderbird 78 tab on session expired
  • BM-16256 Fix: connector download on Thunderbird 78 upgrade
  • BM-15714 Feat: make role ROLE_READ_DOMAIN_FILTER delegable