BlueMind 3.5.16

Changelog 3.5.16

Major improvements

A user may now duplicate an event in the calendar.


  • BM-16135 Imp: performance improvements on composer pop-up.
    Folder hierarchy was fully reloaded, now only reload missing folders.


  • BM-16191 Fix: mail delivery locked
  • BM-16208 Fix: message with TNEF parsing issue
  • BM-14630 Imp: transient error when cyrus response is invalid

Import LDAP

  • BM-16140 Fix: allCertificate parameter handling (addressbooks)
  • HUMSCO-53 Fix: TLS cert detection on addressbook import


  • BM-15929 Feat: restoring an still-existing account


  • BM-16040 Imp: filename validation performance


  • BM-16141 Fix: permissions on mailbox rename
  • BM-16012 Imp: TLS certs propagation when creating new server
  • BM-15993 Imp: HPS boot log, prune unused equinox-ds
  • BM-15930 Fix: supervision error when fetching node process information

3.5.16 => 3.5.16-1 changelog

  • BM-16332 Fix: calendar syncs too often
  • [tbird] BM-16343 Fix: TB 78 autocomplete
  • [Calendar] BM-16358 Fix: calendar sync for CAS users
  • [tbird] APPLIGOS-9 Fix: TB 78 compatibility with BM 3.5 (subscription api diff)

3.5.16-1 => 3.5.16-2 changelog

  • BM-16335 Imp: reduce websocket load
  • BM-16240 Fix: group members list in admin console
  • BM-16216 Fix: recurring allday event detail in shared calendar
  • ULR-234 Feat: add output-directory option on bm-cli user export
  • BM-16415 Fix: upgrade PG to latest 9.6 version
  • [tbird] BM-16413 Fix: port hsm for tbird 78

3.5.16-2 => 3.5.16-3

  • Fix: HTML in google ICS description
  • [calendar] BM-15988 Fix: MS Teams invitations support
  • BM-16235 Fix: “send on behalf” authorization for groups
  • BM-15843 Fix: mailbox share authorizations for groups
  • BM-16240 Fix: group member pagination
  • BM-16508 Fix: service sync frequency can now be configured
  • BM-16412 Fix: unreadable DAV events
  • [JDK] BM-16507 Fix: update to 8u272
  • [tbird] BM-16472 Fix: TB 78, some menus are not translated, remote file chooser works only first time
  • BM-16493 Imp: prune unnecessary invocation to DirectoryService
  • BM-16483 Fix: ensure deferred actions running from a timer are queued into BMExecutor
  • Fix: backport nginx Auth-Wait when password is wrong
  • Imp: expensive hashes cache, byEmail directory query
  • BM-15975 Fix: delete broken deferred actions
  • BM-16460 Imp: only one ping for all browser tabs

3.5.16-3 => 3.5.16-4

  • BM-15547 Fix: can’t purge local browser data
  • BM-16576 Fix: webserver stuck on ICS url validation
  • BM-16574 Fix: LMTP crash on text/calendar attachment
  • [tbird] BM-16575 Fix: TB 78, remove directory addressbook when not synced
  • Fix: outlook meetings from exchange 2003 use 8bit encoding without specifying a charset, default to utf-8
  • [webmail] BM-15437 Fix: PHP error on message with MDN

3.5.16-4 => 3.5.16-5

  • EORIS-84 Fix: data protect errors
  • BM-16664 Fix: upgrade issue from BM 3.0 because of inconsistant day duration
  • BM-16544 Fix: can’t reply to orphan invitation
  • BM-16599 fix: purge t_message_body during 3.5 to 4 upgrade
  • BM-16595 Perf: t_domain_deferredaction must be filtered by container_id (domain)
  • BM-16594 Perf: add ACL subject/verb index
  • [tbird] BM-16570 Fix: lightning imip bar should not appear
  • [tbird] REFLEX-163 Fix: focus issue on on Thunderbird calendar tab

3.5.16-5 => 3.5.16-6

  • BM-16747 Feat: allow to force PG pool size using bm.ini dbpoolsize property
  • BM-16749 Fix: add then remove group member fails when saving group in admin console
  • BM-16750 Fix: inconsistent listings after adding a group member in AC
  • BM-16660 Imp: list group members from AC is very slow

3.5.16-6 => 3.5.16-7

  • Feat: backport of IContainerMgmt#canAccess
  • [tbird] ACMS-363 Fix: wait for thunderbird window load to be sure the extension is loaded correctly
  • FACTORFX-442 Fix: domain specific sender cache
  • WORTEKS-204 Fix: ignore conflict on t_group_flat_member update

3.5.16-7 => 3.5.16-8

  • BM-16736 Fix: ignore ghost calendar in calendar view
  • BM-16824 Fix: upgrade security broken by URL change

3.5.16-8 => 3.5.16-9

  • BM-14507 Fix: AC, manage mobile device screen with BasicRoles.ROLE_MANAGE_USER_DEVICE only
  • BM-16844 fix: bm-cli replication inside folders other than current partitions
  • IEQ-2415 Fix: wrong path for api-jar deployment
  • BM-16838 Fix: prevent duplicate reminders

3.5.16-9 => 3.5.16-10

  • BM-16709 Fix: error parsing google meet external ICS calendar invitation

3.5.16-10 => 3.5.16-11

  • BM-16896 Fix: rrule.until precision
  • URL-262 Fix: increase sync thread pool size
  • APPLIGOS-13 Fix: eas move item
  • [EAS] BM-16478 Fix: tz from Outlook for mobile