BlueMind 3.5.17 is available

BlueMind 3.5.17

  • BM-14253 Fix: keyboard shortcuts from Firefox 65
  • BM-16571 Fix: BCC (CCi) is ignored for signatures if no To/CC recipients
  • BM-16592 Fix: unrecognized PDF with Content-Type: =?windows-1252?q?application/pdf;
  • BM-15414 Fix: plain text invitation mail
  • BM-15901 Fix: user creation
  • BM-16447 Fix: inconsistency between invitation count and displayed list
  • BM-16538 Fix: impossible d’associer un groupe caché en tant que groupe de signature d’entreprise
  • BM-17522, FEATBL-1364 Chore: Thunderbird 91 support
  • BM-16762 Fix: reminder verticle execution
  • BM-17202 Fix: old distributions jessie and trusty need to use from now on
  • BM-17436 Fix: out-of-office job and rejected sieve script
  • Feat: backport hikariCP PostgreSQL connection pooler
  • [migrate] Imp: ex-migrate-tool do not import a mail if a mail with the same Message-Id header exist in the target folder
  • [tbird] BM-17510 Fix: reload bm tab if login page is displayed
  • [tbird] INSAT-220 Fix: broken description page for BlueMind file provider in tbird prefs

changelog 3.5.17 => 3.5.17-1

  • WORTEKS-231 Fix: Thunderbird contact sync
  • BM-17568 Fix: ignore case for contact sort

changelog 3.5.17-1 => 3.5.17-2

  • BM-17373 Fix: parsing square bracket characters in IMAP responses strings
  • BM-17711 Fix: getDefaultCalendarContainer is not failsafe
  • BM-17654 Fix: use random local domain as domain sender for subscription mail alert, fallback to external-url if no domain defined

changelog 3.5.17-2 => 3.5.17-3

  • [tbird] Fix: send legacy connector if webext connector is downloaded from tbird 68