BlueMind 3.5.4 has been released!

BlueMind 3.5.4 has been released and is available for download..

BlueMind 3.5.4 is another step towards safe-proofing migrations from BlueMind 3.0. Those migrations will still be performed only under our supervision for now: you may contact our support team by opening a ticket if you wish to upgrade your setup.


ElasticSearch indexes have been reorganized in BlueMind 3.5.4: a mail spool reindexing will be necessary after the upgrade, otherwise search results will not work properly. This reindexing is performed by the ReconstructMailspoolIndexJob in the Admin Console, which will execute in the background but might require some time depending on the size of your setup: we advise you to trigger it by night or during the week-end.



  • BM-10698 Imp: progress bar on file upload
  • GEM-65 Fix: destination folders order in Sieve filters interface
  • FACTORFX-6 Fix: search does not work


  • BM-10854, BM-10864 Fix: better handling of timezones, API improvements
  • BM-11028 Fix: only update participation status on participation
  • GEM-71 Fix: resources availability is not shown

Oulook connector

  • BM-10916 Imp: BlueMind update check on auto-update service start
  • Fix: customizable send notifications
  • IBSN-57 Fix: duplicate external meeting, spurious changes notifications on sync

Thunderbird connector

  • IBSN-47, POPIT-39 Fix: missing collected contacts addressbook

Mobile devices

  • POPIT-32, POPIT-38 Fix: sync issues

Admin console

  • BM-10867 Feat: group/mailshare mailbox maintenance (consolidate/reconstruct index)
  • FEATEXTCON-12 Feat: create internal addressbook from external LDAP
  • POPIT-24 Fix: user authorized device list display issue
  • TELEI-8, GEM-52 Fix: domain deletion issue
  • GEM-68 Fix: saving external mailbox


  • FACTORFX-4 Fix: Lotus domino migration tools
  • TLIB-474 Fix: exchange-migration-tool : logout fail when session is expired


  • THALES-9 Imp: Qualisys Web Application Scanner audit

We wish you a pleasant install !