BlueMind 3.5.5 has been released!

BlueMind 3.5.5 has been released and is available for download.

BlueMind 3.5.5 is the latest stable release of our enterprise messaging solution. It is available on Debian Jessie and Wheezy, Ubuntu Trusty and Xenial, Redhat 6 and 7.

What’s new?

  • Monitoring Console: a new BlueMind application, dedicated to monitoring your instance health and quickly spot potential issues
  • Resources reservation automatic workflow: a resource can automatically accept/refuse invitations depending on its status and configuration
  • Delegated administration: the user base can be structured into Organizational Units (OU), and administrators can delegate administration privileges for such OU to other users
  • LDAP directory import: any LDAP directory can now be imported into BlueMind as an addressbook
  • Better support for recurring events exceptions

API changes

You will notice the following changes have been made to our REST APIs:

  • IPostfixMgmt has been renamed to IMailDeliveryMgmt
  • IOrgUnits has been added to manage delegations
  • event storage has evolved: the calendar containers (accessible through ICalendar) now store VEventSeries (including recurrences) instead of isolated VEvent instances

Outlook Connector version consistency

The server now check the compatibility of Outlook connector. If it is incompatible, it will return the following: “error 409 conflict”.

This error will be resolved without user action after the Outlook connector automatically upgrades to the server version. The user may also force the upgrade by re-installing the connector manually.


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.



  • ALTR-330 Fix: position of inserted signature
  • BM-10776 Imp: make sure mailbox is accessible even if the alias does not exist
  • BM-11271 Fix: move digit-only mail folder
  • UDL-130 Fix: mailto links handling
  • WEIS-229 Imp: new version of webmail composer that allow for copy/paste of images in Chrome
  • BM-11378 Fix: folder hierarchy not updated after rename


  • BM-10220, BM-11180 Fix: correct display of collapsed/detailed all-day events
  • BM-11009 Fix: avoid colors which are already used by other calendars on automatic color attribution
  • BM-11063 Fix: reset availability warning on event modification
  • BM-11078 Fix: invalid timezone handling
  • BM-11086 Fix: resource image resizing
  • BM-11094 Imp: choose user timezone over browser timezone
  • BM-11198 Fix: display all events after timezone modification
  • BM-11213 Fix: no choice on exception/series when editing a recurring event
  • BM-11218 Imp: attendees list display
  • BM-11317 Fix: notification when attendee is removed
  • BM-11325 Fix: switch between weekly/daily views
  • BM-11472 Fix: can’t change event recurrence
  • CLERCO-25 Fix: event creation on Daylight Saving Time
  • GLAG-141 Fix: color change does not work without reload

Outlook connector

  • BM-11330 Fix: incorrect end date for recurring event
  • COAX-313 Fix: invalid subscription to calendar/addressbook
  • COAX-317 Imp: sanitize common invalid leading and trailing char in email
  • COAX-319 Fix: contact duplication
  • COAX-327 Fix: response not send to meeting organizer
  • GEM-85 Fix: remote file chooser integration
  • GLAG-130 Fix: TLS negotiation fails
  • GLAG-133 Fix: contact with email “[No email address found]”
  • GLAG-140 Fix: calendar sync after brutal stop/crash of Outlook
  • NUX-57 Fix: distribution list deleted by connector
  • POPIT-67 Fix: event with UTC timezone displayed at wrong time in Outlook
  • REFLEX-51 Fix: date parsing issues

Thunderbird connector

  • COAX-299 Fix: scrambled accents in archived email
  • Fix: remote file chooser integration


  • BM-11465 Fix: QuotaGatheringJob runs once a day on Automatic mode
  • BM-11104 Fix: postfix hostname in bm-edge installation
  • BM-11077 Fix: check&repair user from administration console
  • Imp: ptloader: less noise in mail.log
  • Imp: delegation fields alignment


  • BM-11427 Fix : folder hierarchy synchronisation when restoring an user
  • BM-11491 Fix: restore deleted user
  • BM-11062 Fix: don’t fail if cyrus takes too long to restart


  • Imp: Exchange Migration Tool to avoid duplicate contact creation dlist standalone members
  • NUX-54 Fix: migrating from BlueMind 3.0 + AD plugin
  • IBSN-60 Fix: setup wizard is stuck


  • Fix: ActiveSync NullPointerException on series without master
  • COAX-342, TLIB-471, BM-11091 Fix: IE11 support
  • Imp: cache local address resolution for performance
  • BM-11231 Fix: missing authentication in API call
  • BM-11143 Fix: possible XSS security issue

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!