BlueMind 3.5.6 Hotfix #3

BlueMind 3.6.5-3 actually replaces BlueMind 3.6.5, bringing the following changes in:

  • BM-12411 Fix: Thunderbird ESR-38 support
  • BM-12428 Fix: empty settings for domain calendars after migration
  • BM-11093 Fix: overquota alert when sending mail
  • BM-12357 Fix: handle webmail search on folders with both accentuated char and &
  • BM-12457 Fix: unusable webmail after long inactivity
  • ALTR-355 Fix: identities deleted when removing owner’s acls
  • BM-12327 Fix: incorrect popup windows positions in dual screen configuration
  • BM-12403 Fix: threads blocked on IMAP connection
  • Impr: give pertinence to container order
  • BM-12470 Fix: bad ACL for group mailbox

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!