BlueMind 3.5.8

BlueMind 3.5.8 has just been released!


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.

New Features

  • Corporate Signature application:
    define automatic signature/disclaimer that will be appended to your users’ emails depending on configurable rules
    • automatic reply configuration from Thunderbird connector settings

Public shares

Full public share of the mailbox cannot be activated anymore: users now can only share their mailboxes to a user or a group (FEATBL-292)



  • BM-12791 Fix: add emoticons plugin back in roundcube
  • BM-12797 Fix: support tabulation in composer
  • BM-12799 Fix: use string order even for folder starting with a number


  • BM-12473 Fix: event creation and rendering on Daylight Saving Time shift days
  • BM-12630 Fix: show attendee photo in attendee autocomplete
  • BM-12760 Fix: setting month to a month where date does not exist (31/02 for exemple) produces unexpected results
  • BM-12837 Fix: day bookings are automatically refused when crossing a non working day
  • BM-12842 Fix: style event with pending changes
  • BM-12873 Fix: forbidden resources must decline meeting request
  • BM-12926 Fix: attendee autocomplete incorrect email validation
  • BM-12938 Fix: adapt freebusy slot to match current displayed range

Instant Messaging

  • BM-12829 Fix: disable SCRAM authentication for XMPP clients which don’t handle fallback

Outlook Connector

  • BM-11776 Imp: show error message if connector version is incompatible with BlueMind server
  • BM-12782 Imp: do not include .net installers in the connector package
  • BM-12853 Fix: expired session when detaching big files
  • COAX-464 Fix: duplicate contact group
  • IBSN-66 Fix: stop syncing cals/todo/book subscribed without read permission
  • UMTP3-53 Fix: tag deleted in BM not deleted in Outlook

Thunderbird connector

  • BM-12796 Feat: avoid freezes using remote directory queries instead of syncing by default
  • BM-12803 Fix: newly created contact not displayed
  • FEATBL-92 Feat: configure automatic reply from connector settings
  • IBSN-66 Fix: stop syncing cals/todo/book subscribed without read permission

Admin Console/Administration

  • FEATBL-292 Fix: disable public mailbox sharing
  • BM-8252 Fix: restore archived data when restoring a mailbox


  • BM-11696 Imp: make ICalendar.reset asynchronous
  • BM-12657 Fix: missing Job interface in PHP client
  • BM-11853 Chore: IAddressBook.collect method has been removed


  • BM-12679 Fix: RAM stats are from the edge server instead of the core server

Core services

  • BM-12695 Fix: balance imap servers for mail clients if applicable
  • DIGDEO-5 Fix: autodiscover element namespace was wrong
  • BM-12796 Fix: prevent memcached-based DDOS attacks on RHEL

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #1 has just been published. We recommend the upgrade in all cases.

Changelog HotFix #1

  • UDL-198 Fix: vertx upgrade and socket optimizations
  • UDL-217 Fix: xivobridge memory leak when hornetqbridge does not reply
  • POPIT-156 Fix: sub folder creation on mobile devices
  • BM-13002 Fix: java API client initialization outside of OSGI context
  • BM-12998 Fix: personal signature is not overriden by the corporate signature
  • BM-13008 Fix: possible race issue between postfix upgrades
  • BM-13009 Fix: domain aliases ignored during forwarding of unknown addresses to a third-party server

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #2 has just been published. Most changes are optimisations for big setups.

Changelog Hotfix #2

  • BM-12866 Imp: add a changeset table to compress core changelog data
  • UDL-198 Fix: just run reminders on default calendar & todolist as it can take a long time on a big install
  • UDL-198 Imp EAS: use our fast path for email parts size as we already computed it
  • UDL-198 Feat: throttle postfix map generation
  • UDL-198 Fix: don’t harvest users more 1 time per minute
  • BM-12940 Imp: Thunderbird 60 compatibility

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #3 has just been published. It fixes a regression on corporate signatures.

Changelog Hotfix #3

  • BM-13056 Fix: some corporate signatures fail to be appended
  • UDL-198 Fix: when cas does not validate our ticket go to login instead of error-ing out

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #4 has just been published!

Corporate Signature

  • BM-12969 Fix: don’t modify signed/encrypted mails
  • BM-13062 Fix: use sender from envelope instead of from (which can be legitimally forged)


  • BM-13065 Imp: container descriptor
  • BM-13076 Imp: eas ping protocol
  • BM-13081 Imp: LDAP auth service
  • BM-13079 Fix: switch some b64 decoding to JDK decoder as netty’s one seems slower
  • BM-13077, BM-13078: Add indexes to mailbox address and group members foreign keys
  • BM-13067 Imp: slow query on contacts


  • BM-13097 Fix: default calendar deleted after EAS sync
  • BM-13099 Fix: contact postal address and website sync error
  • BM-8229 Fix: use a cyrus version that repacks its index less often (fixes inefficient qresync)


  • SUDO-119 Fix: delete domain filters on domain deletion
  • Fix: thunderbird 60 explicit support
  • UDL-218 Fix: FileBackendOutputStream leak
  • BM-13066 Fix: wrong container owner for distribution list after migration

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #5 has just been published!

  • Imp: socket handling when data is not consistent
  • TLIB-593 Fix: unify domain addressbook uid generation
  • BM-13028 Fix: custom logo not used on welcome page
  • Chore: use latest Redemption for outlook connector

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #6 has just been published!

  • Feat: report command history when closing socket
  • Fix: better error handling when IMAP input is broken
  • BM-13138 Fix: more Thunderbird 60 compatibility fixes
  • BM-13035 Fix: Thunderbird remote attachment when filename contains space

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #7 has just been published!

  • COAX-485 Chore: also report command history when the error occurs on the cyrus socket
  • Chore: log socket ids so we can identify the user from an hprof
  • BM-13149 Fix: forbid select on inbox subfolders
  • Updated dependencies Target Platform: vertx, bnd, p2-maven-plugin

BlueMind 3.5.8 HotFix #8 has just been published!

  • BM-13192, BM-13210 Fix: always store sent message for default identity
  • BM-13181 Fix: can’t create account from Thunderbird 60
  • SUDO-121 Fix: IMAP Proxy Service (IPS) failures