BlueMind 3.5-beta2 is available!

BlueMind 3.5-beta2 is available for download!

The BlueMind team is proud to introduce the second beta release of our future 3.5 version!

A word of caution

BlueMind beta releases are exclusively available for a fresh install: upgrades from a v3.0 install is not supported yet.
Future upgrades from a beta to final v3.5 may not be supported either: our beta releases should only be used for evaluation purposes.

We provide Ubuntu Trusty and Debian Jessie installers for now, more distributions to come before the final release.


BlueMind 3.5-beta2 features plenty of fixes (around 300) and the following new features:

  • user multi-calendar is available
  • all calendars from a user can be shared, including on mobile devices (IOS only because android does not support this feature yet)
  • a user can set which of his calendars should be taken into account for his availability status
  • the calendar application now supports external calendars
  • BlueMind calendars can now be shared through an ICS url
  • one may browse file attachments that were already sent to join them again to a new mail without having to re-upload
  • a changes history is now available on events, contacts and tasks
  • application synchronization has been overhauled to retrieve and display synchronization states on events, contacts and tasks
  • backups may now exclude mails and documents
  • external contacts can be added in groups
  • an interactive documentation for our now REST API is now embedded in the installer, and can be accessed by users having the “Api documentation” permission. This documentation is also published here.

All BlueMind 3.5 new features are summed up in our online documentation:

New BlueMind 3.5

Complete documentation

We wish you a pleasant evaluation of BlueMind 3.5!