BlueMind 3.5 first beta!

BlueMind 3.5-beta1 is available for download!

The BlueMind team is proud to introduce the first beta release of our future 3.5 version!

A word of caution

BlueMind beta releases are exclusively available for a fresh install: upgrades from a v3.0 install is
not supported yet.
Future upgrades from a beta to final v3.5 may not be supported either: our beta releases should
only be used for evaluation purposes.

We provide Ubuntu Trusty and Debian Jessie installers for now, more distributions to come before
the final release.

New features

BlueMind 3.5 incorporates a completely overhauled engine and several new operating features.
Technical upgrades include:

  • Add-on-based UI extensibility
  • Redesigned APIs and data model
  • New synchronization principles
  • Extension of calendar functionalities
  • Use of latest web browser features
  • Optimized performance and system resources

New features include:

  • detaching attachments
  • tasks
  • customizable calendar colors (BlueMind users’ suggestion number 1!)

More details are featured in our user documentation:

Data model reorganization

Number one overhaul in this BlueMind branch: our data model. Data is now stored in logical
containers: related information are gathered together, isolated and denormalized. Data units
are more autonomous, more distributable, which allows for:

  • easier and faster synchronization (replication, high availability…)
  • storage engines other than SQL databases for specialized usages or massive load handling


The BlueMind API has been reorganized for scratch, and is now available either through direct
HTTP REST calls, or with client libraries (we feature Java, Javascript, C#, Python and PHP for now).
This API documentation is currently under progress and has not been published yet, but we’ve
packed the bluemind-samples repository with everything necessary for you to contribute with a
BlueMind Add-On. A Maven archetype is also available to help you with bootstrapping your new projet.

The bluemind-samples repository evolves and features more and more real-world examples, please don’t
hesitate to share your needs on the forum or on our BlueMind forge! Existing Add-Ons will require
adaptations to run with v3.5: our team is at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary information.

Other planned features

BlueMind 3.5-beta2 will include the following features:

  • multiple calendars per user
  • support for external calendars

We wish you a pleasant evaluation of BlueMind 3.5!