BlueMind 3.5-rc1 has been released!

BlueMind 3.5-rc1 has been released and is available for download.

The team is proud to introduce the first candidate version for our future major release!

A word of caution

BlueMind beta and candidate releases should not be used in
production. We publish them for evaluation, changes and new feature
preview or for Add-on development purposes. They are exclusively
available for a fresh install: upgrades from a v3.0 install is not
supported yet. Future upgrades from a beta/rc to the final v3.5 may
not be supported either.


  • BlueMind 3.5-rc1 installers are available for Ubuntu Trusty, Debian
    Wheezy and Jessie. We’re planning to add RedHat 6/7 and Ubuntu
    Xenial in upcoming candidate releases.
  • revamped navigation bar between applications

You may find a listing of all 3.5 new features on our
online documentation.


Complete 3.5 user documentation
and API documentation are available online.

We wish you a pleasant evaluation of BlueMind 3.5!