BlueMind 4.1

BlueMind 4.1 brings many new features detailed below, along with quite a few fixes.

Outlook Inbox sub-folders behaviour change

In preceding BlueMind releases (4.0.X), Outlook Inbox subfolders were not message folders but virtual folders. BlueMind 4.1 can now
manage real Inbox subfolders: virtual folders won’t be migrated and will be deleted.

You may move virtual folders outside of Inbox before migrating to BlueMind 4.1 in order to keep them.


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.
Caution, upgrading from a release below BlueMind 4.0 is not yet supported!

New features

  • FEATBL-823 Outlook rules storage and query
  • FEATBL-844 Mail storage in S3-compatible store
  • FEATBL-939 Corporate signature for mailshares, independant people, external contact
  • FEATBL-969 Replication multiplexing for performance
  • FEATOTLK-276 Nested mails by drag & dropping in Outlook
  • FEATOTLK-284 Attachment deletion in Outlook
  • SB-809, FEATBL-827 Feat: file attachment to a calendar event
  • FEATBL-744, FEATBL-822 Feat: new CLI utilities to export mails, contacts, calendars and tasks in file archives
  • FEATBL-738 FEATBL-805, FEATBL-807, FEATBL-809, FEATBL-870 Feat: advanced resources reservation workflow (to send invitations for a video conference for instance)
  • FEATBL-576 Imp: event reminders overhaul for better performance

Bug fixes

BlueMind 4.1 bug fixes are available online: <>

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

Changelog BlueMind 4.1.1

  • [MailApi] BM-15500 Fix: ImportItems issues in mailshare
  • [Webmail] BM-15553 Fix: new Jira notifications don’t allow click on elements
  • [Thunderbird] BM-15597 Fix: missing action buttons on invitation mail in v68.4.1
  • [Thunderbird] BM-15580 Fix: missing information popup requiring Thunderbird restart after extension update
  • [Reminder] BM-15604 Fix: wrong execution date for a all-day recurring event
  • [Reminder] BM-15545 Fix: I still get notification for deleted first occurence of a recurring event
  • [Reminder] BM-15503 Fix: duplicated meeting when event is edited
  • [Reminder] BM-15561 Fix: meetings that have been created then canceled are not cancelled on EAS/IOS
  • BM-15581 Fix: wrong time for mails sent from smartphones
  • POPIT-249, BM-15607 Fix: failed upgrade because of post-inst failure
  • BM-15175, COAX-601 Fix: sieve files max size is too small
  • [Thunderbird] BM-15258 Fix: can’t creacte addressbook
  • BM-15525, MIBMSUP-8 Fix: incomplet decoding of UTF-8 subjects
  • BM-15555 Fix: mailshare probe_XXX is not created on fresh install
  • BM-15560, FACTORFX-252 Fix: memory monitoring does not work in Telegraf
  • [Outlook] BM-15586, FACTORFX-274 Fix: can’t access mailshares
  • BM-15587 Fix: wrong date for event modification notifications
  • BM-15590 Fix: finished tasks on phone are not finished in BlueMind

Changelog BlueMind 4.1.2

  • BM-15617, BM-15615, BM-15620 Fix: external calendar synchronization
  • BM-15615, BM-15617, GEM-227 Fix: upgrade issues
  • BM-15610 Fix: invitation processing with missing cal
  • BM-15608 Fix: ICSImportTask: event attachment value is empty
  • BM-15603, FACTORFX-280 Fix: error deleting Sent, Draft… subfolders
  • BM-15602, ARAMYS-64, FACTORFX-271 Fix: backup reports errors but seems fine
  • BM-15593 Fix: persisting invitation for recurring event
  • BM-15577 Fix: mails sent from core dont handle SMTP errors
  • BM-15544, GEM-224 Fix: LDAP addressbook: adding contacts from mail composer does not work
  • BM-15531 Fix: [Xivo] call transfer issue
  • BM-15291 Fix: export error on big mailbox
  • BM-15250, GEM-205 Fix: NextCloud configuration issue

Changelog BlueMind 4.1.3

  • BM-15631 Fix: incomplete calendar display in Outlook
  • BM-15616, MIBM-114 Fix: missing action buttons on invitation after it was moved
  • BM-15633 Fix: ICalendarElement serialization failure in python API client
  • BM-15635, BM-15634 Fix: SMTP error when sending messages
  • BM-15650, IN-93 Fix: handheld EAS sync failure
  • BM-15621 Fix: 3.5->4 upgrade failure because of PHP packages versions
  • BM-15622 Fix: non-reentrant SQL upgrader
  • BM-15623 Fix: search in a public folder

Changelog BlueMind 4.1.4

  • WORTEKS-88, FEATBL-825, FACTORFX-182, FACTORFX-285 Fix: CAS for multi-domain BlueMind install
  • FACTORFX-297 BM-15668 Fix: tech domain used instead of default domain
  • FACTORFX-295 Fix: attachment naming from outlook
  • FACTORFX-293 Fix: time slot shift between webmail and outlook
  • FACTORFX-291 Fix: Outlook login issue
  • BM-15648] Fix: can’t remove reminder because of a JS error
  • BM-15625, MIBMSUP-14 Fix: moved event recurrence is back to original slot on android
  • BM-15632 Fix: multi-batch rsync email backup
  • BM-15678 Fix: deleted items folder is duplicated on EAS

Changelog BlueMind 4.1.5

  • ULR-216 Fix: agenda sync issue after ULR-206
  • TEICEE-83 Fix: mapi server failure because of missing rop
  • FACTORFX-306 Fix: MAPI - hprof + sync issue
  • FACTORFX-303 Fix: Outlook invitations layout change
  • FACTORFX-300, BM-15699 Fix: mapi - issues with “transfer as attachment” feature
  • FACTORFX-286, BM-15682 Fix: threaded mails layout
  • BM-15729, Fix: infinite loop if ES snapshot during backup does not end with SUCCESS
  • BM-15707, ORIX-36 Fix: MAPI null pointer
  • BM-15703, Fix: [Core][Api] inline API issues
  • BM-15702, Fix: stack mapi
  • BM-15699, FACTORFX-300 Fix: [mapi] EML txt attachment is empty
  • BM-15689, COM-61 Fix: NPE FolderContentSink Warn - Error updating the message null
  • BM-15688, COM-61 Fix: MapiMessageBuilder ERROR - Error feeding mapi chunks: null (WrappedEntryId)
  • BM-15687, COM-61 Fix: stack - Rop processing error Item wuit uid mapi-raw-msg:XXXX has null value
  • BM-15680 Fix: HSM service disabled after upgrade
  • BM-15668, BM-15637, FACTORFX-297, POPIT-258 Fix: adding mail from composer does not use default address
  • BM-15658 Fix: [Calendar] synchronisation issues with SAFARI 13
  • BM-15640 Fix: dataprotect: core + shard, cyrus config not backed up
  • BM-14384 Fix: Cyrus 3.0.8 - sieve paths have changed
  • COM-64 Fix: periodic cleanup of invalid persistent sessions