BlueMind 4.2


Upgrade is performed with the bm-setup-wizard tool if you have a BlueMind subscription. You have to migrate your data manually otherwise.

Calendrier user interface

Recurring events now allow for specific targets (this event, all events or only remaining events) for all actions.

Calendar event user interfaces have been improved to avoid notification misunderstandings, and make it clearer when an event is saved as draft and when it is published and sent to all attendees.

Attendees may not set participation status without notifying the organizer anymore.



  • IBSN-21 Fix: recurring event series exception lost link with original series
  • FACTORFX-308 Fix: invitation using an erroneous email
  • BM-13693, BM-13954, BM-14496, MECAPROTEC-41, BM-13672, CLERCO-145 Fix: new attendee does not notify existing attendees
  • FEATBL-994 Feat: add a draft feature to meetings
  • FEATBL-994 Imp: send updates to all attendees or to changed attendees in calendar.
  • FEATBL-995 Imp: add option to update subsequent events of a serie for all events updates
  • BM-15898 Fix: editing next occurences don’t reset attendees status
  • BM-15879 Fix: invitations not sent if resource is organizer

Outlook natif

  • COM-61, BM-15688, BM-15687, BM-15689 Fix: new messages not displayed properly in Outlook
  • COM-58, BM-15487 Fix: task/event conversion in Outlook
  • FACTORFX-294 Fix: read/unread notifications update
  • BM-14462 Fix: private all-day events duration in shared calendars
  • BM-15387 Fix: open embedded message in public folder
  • BM-15420 Feat: bm-mapi to run outlook rules
  • BM-15673 Fix: deal with domain aliases for DNs Ambiguous Name Resolution
  • BM-15676 Fix: meeting organizer not displayed in Outlook calendar
  • BM-15684 Fix: prevent public hierarchy infinite recursion
  • BM-15732 Fix: npe on NewMail notification for messages without PidTagMessageFlags
  • BM-15733 Fix: deal extra entries in hollow vs directory when performing name resolution
  • BM-15741 Fix: reply-to header
  • BM-15743 Fix: missing message as attachment
  • BM-15779 Fix: outlook 2010 autocomplete infinite loop on contacts
  • BM-15780 Fix: domain addressbook autocomplete slow and buggy
  • Chore: deal with empty attachment name
  • COM-73 Fix: strip null unicode sequences produced by jackson and refused as jsonb
  • FACTORFX-307 Fix: sender not displayed properly
  • Feat: autorestart bm-mapi on hprof
  • FEATOTLK-291, FEATOTLK-293 Feat: dispatch notifications for public folders
  • Feat: simplify the NotificationWait logic to consume less memory
  • Feat: track new metric for active outlook users
  • Imp: mailtip check for invalid internal email, send mail even if one rcpt fail
  • FACTORFX-300, BM-15699, BM-15833 Fix: transfer as attachment
  • BM-15892 Fix: attachment on contact

Périphériques mobiles

  • BM-15737, FACTORFX-311 Fix: attachment too big
  • BM-15362, BMP-586, FACTORFX-239 Fix: shared mailboxes synchronization
  • BM-15746 Fix: invalid error code
  • Fix: reply only one time to ping & async sync
  • BM-15878 Fix: all response is skipped when mail does not load
  • BM-15482 Fix: too many attachments in iOS invitation
  • BM-15201, CLERCO-107, CGTG-304, MDSO-496, BM-15220 Imp: la première synchro est trop lente


  • BM-15582, ALWAY-183 Fix: Kerberos error if BlueMind account does not exist
  • BM-15479, FEATBL-284, FACTORFX-262 Fix: create domain on a multi-server BlueMind setup
  • BM-15396, COM-53 Fix: users can’t reach NextCloud preferences after plugin is deleted
  • BM-14211, BM-15395 Imp: NextCloud plugin now bundled with BlueMind repository
  • BM-11645, FEATBL-965, CGTG-214 Feat: password expiration plugin
  • Feat: mapi TICK dashboard to provide connected outlook clients, context counts and execution times
  • FEATBL-1036 Feat: bm-cli group get
  • BM-15896 Fix: deletion of restored dataprotect directories
  • BM-15876 Fix: IMAP authentication with default domain
  • BM-15869 Fix: bmctl restart fails to restart all services
  • ALTR-392, BM-15853 Fix: wrong quota after restore
  • BM-1588 Fix: /var/lib/cyrus is not backed up


  • BM-15747 Fix: cyrus mailbox resolution error
  • EORIS-30, TLIB-757 Fix: prevent database integrity issues from impacting cyrus replication
  • TLIB-759 Fix: delete replication artifacts on every datasource
  • Imp: reduce replication latency
  • TLIB-766 Fix: replication failure
  • FACTORFX-326, BM-15747 Fix: replication error on mailbox


  • BM-15766 Fix: clear Thunderbird offine app storage on connector reset/update
  • BM-15494, BM-15520, ULR-211 Imp: PHP with SSL support for secure mail expedition from webmail
  • Chore: ElasticSearch upgrade
  • BM-15698 Fix: FileHosting upload error
  • Imp: increase checkpoint timeout as advised in
  • BM-15850 Imp: cache signature preview in Thunderbird

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!

Changelog 4.2.1

  • Fix: EAS/MAPI notifications not working
  • BM-14163 Fix: external meeting edits not sent
  • FACTORFX-327 Fix: MAPI nested message forwarding

Changelog 4.2.2

  • [todo] BM-14887 Fix: just load everything, task count is always very small
  • [webmail] BM-15909 Fix: css line-height unitless values are valid
  • BM-15920 Fix: pre-replication before major upgrade issue
  • [hollow] FACTORFX-289 Fix: deal with small db integrity issues when producing the hollow directory
  • BM-15924 Fix: mailbox-acl containers repair was commented out, re-implement it
  • FEATBL-15703 Fix: use target class classloader
  • BM-15926 Fix: set postfix compatibility level to 2
  • BM-15935 Fix: npp container sub/unsub
  • BM-14876 Fix: subscription to invalid container
  • BM-14234 Fix: performance du ResourceCalendarHook
  • BM-14865 Fix: TikaClient logs into mail-index.log
  • BM-15626 Fix: check&repair, skip archived dirEntry
  • IEQ-2245 Chore: remove login from hoster reports
  • [es] BM-15944 Fix: allocate a 5seconds budget for search & stop processing results after that
  • BM-15945 Fix: make VXStoreClient#create fail instead of deadlocking
  • BM-15951 Imp: better log on error for QuotaGatheringJob
  • BM-15941 Fix: multiple all-day automatic resource reservation
  • BM-15952 Imp: log if no.mapi mode is set
  • BM-15881 Fix stop replication latency probe on error
  • [mapi] HUMSCO-46 Fix: skip instead of crashing on unsupported dlist members

Changelog 4.2.3

  • BM-14792 Fix: admin console pagination on group members
  • BM-15915 Fix: can’t edit resource type
  • BM-15956 Fix: BM data major version upgrade
  • BM-15969 Fix: remove delete-by-query plugin, not needed in ElasticSearch 6.8.6
  • BM-15945 Chore: stacktrace on ImapMailboxRecordsService.fetchComplete
  • Fix: ensure the fbos-based stream is closed when sending an email
  • BM-15976 Fix: rrule.interval can be null

Changelog 4.2.4

  • BM-15960 Fix: EAS thread stuck after message is sent
  • Fix: add a way to disable ews when no_mapi is not possible
  • FACTORFX-337 Fix: stream vevent attachments from memory buffers
  • BM-15988 Fix: broken MS Teams invitations
  • BM-15992 Fix: external calendar sync
  • Fix: google ics can contain html in desc
  • FACTORFX-345 Fix: bm-cli directory tree export
  • FACTORFW-343 Fix: some emails can’t be accessed
  • BM-16010 Fix: CalendarSync error if MD5 did not change

Changelog 4.2.5

  • BM-16005 Fix: repair container flat hierarchy for DOMAIN
  • [replication] FACTORFX-346 Imp: hazelcast service stability
  • FACTORFX-346 Fix: don’t crash when expiring records on inconsistent mailbox
  • FACTORFX-346 Fix: prevent service issues when mailbox-acls:xxx is missing
  • [mapi] BM-16037 Fix: skip filtering rules with unhandled restrictions
  • BM-16040 Imp: filename validation performance
  • BM-16055 Fix: only delete from HSM if the migration to cyrus is ok
  • HUMSCO-53 Fix: ldap protocol selection
  • [outlook] BM-16058 Fix: error saving vacation, do not send DateTime with null Tz
  • BM-16033 Fix: we don’t need to wait for close event
  • BM-15963 Fix: create index prior to domain creation
  • BM-15972 Fix: prevent connecting to imap server if folder has already been deleted
  • COAX-615 Fix: external calendar synchronization blocked
  • BM-14630 Fix: send temporary error on invalid Cyrus response

Changelog 4.2.6

  • BM-16054 Fix: BM3.5 to BM4 HSM migration
  • BM-16081 Fix: RHEL7 PHP compatibility
  • Imp: cache uuid to dn resolution to deal with slow ldap response times
  • [ysnp] Imp: backport caching improvements
  • Feat: add tick metrics to ldap auth operations
  • Imp: do a direct state check instead of a convoluted one that triggers metrics & stuff
  • Chore: provide routing info in AuthenticatedRequest
  • Chore: use a small imap timeout for mail-api imap commands
  • FEATBL-1091 Feat: autodiscover for third-party mail provider

Changelog 4.2.7

  • ATEMIS-21 Fix: Outlook error on profile creation
  • [mapi] DATAXP-58 Fix: connection loss after upgrade
  • BM-15692 Feat: AD proxyAddresses attribute
  • BM-16138 Fix: system manager can’t create event
  • BM-16140 Fix: LDAP/AD addressbook allCertificate parameter syntax
  • [mapi] BM-16142 Fix: loop failure on message save
  • [mapi] ATEMIS-24 Fix: access shared mailbox on Outlook