BlueMind 4.3

Major improvements

Mobility: Exchange Active Sync

he Exchange Active Sync protocol doesn’t include the notions of shared calendar or shared mailbox. This had been added to BlueMind version 3.5 by showing shared items as though they belonged to the user. This feature is now available in BlueMind 4.3.

We’ve also added the possibility to subscribe to shared mailboxes the same way as for shared calendars of address books.

Password expiry

This version adds passport expiry management to BlueMind. When this feature is enabled, users are forced to change their password when they expire. Administrators can expire passwords with immediate effect to force a user to change it.

Please refer to our documentation for more details.

New distributions

This version adds support for the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu FOCAL (20.04 LTS)
  • RedHat Entreprise Linux 8 and CentOS 8.

Software Defined Storage (Object storage)

Several improvements to object storage support. Improved system performance and reliability.

During IMAP messages download, the CYRUS-IMAPd server downloads the messages on the object storage concurrently in order to improve performance.

The status tables showing what folder a message is located are now managed by BlueMind to improve IMAP storage reliability.

Updated dependencies

PostgreSQL has been updated from version 11 to version 12. This update brings several performance improvements, in particular on the partitioning system BlueMind now uses.

TICK monitoring components have been updated:

  • Telegraf 1.14
  • Chronograf 1.8.4
  • InfluxDB 1.8.0
  • Kapacitor 1.5.4

Performance improvements

In order to synchronize mobile devices with BlueMind, all the changes made to address books, calendars, etc. have to be updated. The related information is saved as a database in the t_container_changeset table.

On large installs, this table might get big enough so that performance issues might be perceptible by users. In BlueMind 4.3.0, this table is partitioned into several small segments to ensure good performance while handling a large volume of data.

The bm-cli command line tool has been optimized to reduce start-up time.

Web applications (Calendar, Contacts, …)

We now use “Service Workers” to cache web application files. The old “Application Cache API” system is deprecated by recent browsers.

Automatic edge server management

BlueMind now supports comprehensive edge server configuration. The nginx server can now be configured automatically.

Existing installs aren’t automatically managed by BlueMind so as not to interfere with them running smoothly. BlueMind can manage an edge server by adding the “bm/nginx-edge” tag to the server through the admin console.

When the “bm/nginx-edge” tag is added, the nginx configuration is overwritten by the BlueMind configuration. Any nginx-specific configurations will have to be reapplied.

Technical domain

The configuration of a new domain requires the creation of a unique identifier, which cannot be changed in BlueMind. Historically, the unique identifier was also the name of the domain entered by the user.

In order to facilitate future changes to a domain name (new name, merger, etc.) the admin console creates a virtual name as a unique identifier (this doesn’t affect the domain created through the API).

For users who create a new domain, when users are created, the alias pointing to the actual domain name has to be specified in addition to the alias on the technical domain.

This method of operation, which is now automatic, was recommended in earlier versions.

Internal components

  • webserver: Fixes several log issues and removes obsolete code
  • Updates netty 4.1.51 and Vert.x 3.9.2
  • Adds a component that enables SMTP email injection.
  • [ysnp]: When a password is modified, the change is effective immediately.
  • Updates JDK to version 8u252
  • Updates ldap directory API to version 1.0.3.
  • BM-15911: Updates of NGinx to version 1.18.0 and uses systemd for the bm-nginx package. Adds HTTP2 support.
  • BM-16045: Database updates are now forced in transactional mode to ensure consistency in the event of update failure.
  • BM-16025: During the execution of the consolidateDomain task, a (non-blocking) error is displayed: “Mismatch in value and item count on container”. This line has been removed.
  • BM-15993: Removes a log on HPS service start-up (error related to equinox.ds@start)
  • Removes the “bm-locator” component. This component is no longer used and automatically removed.
  • BM-15964: external-url is no longer configured through /etc/bm/bm.ini. The value is still present in the configuration file but its value has to be edited in the database (Admin console or bm-cli sysconf).
  • BM-15928: Fixes an error that could cause duplicated entries in a container’s changelog.
  • BM-15953: The default domain is no longer configured in /etc/bm/bm.ini. Changes to the “default domain” value is now registered without restarting.
  • BM-15917: Fixes homepage coding that may cause display issues.
  • WORTEKS-112: Fixes an issue with the HPS component blocking. During the verification of the CAS ticket, the parsing of XML documents has been improved to reduce processing time for CAS response analysis.
  • BM-16148: Improves the management of the “hollow” database. In some scenarios, BlueMind keeps too many database captures and causes excessive disk usage in /var/spool/bm-hollowed.
  • BM-16125: Improves mailbox renaming – adds prior verification in case the destination mailbox might be planned for deletion.
  • DATAXP-69: Tells robots (google, bing, etc.) to avoid BlueMind’s indexing page.
  • BM-15756: Fixes invalid permissions from /var/spool/postfix/deferred that caused repeated log errors (syslog).

Exchange Migration

  • FEATBL-1092: TODO (mailshare migration)


  • BM-15842: No longer sends notifications for past recurring events.
  • Fixes an issue that caused excessive resource consumption.
  • BM-15644: When a domain doesn’t have an associated file hosting server, attaching files to events isn’t possible.
  • BM-15950: Fixes an ICS import error when an ICS contains ICS tags in the event description.
  • BM-16127: Fixes a Google Calendar synchronization issue when only the definition of the recurrence is edited.
  • BM-15947: Events with attachments no longer produce a message wrongly saying that the event has been changed.

Address books

  • BM-15681: When a contact is created, the full contacts edition form now opens for completion of details.

LDAP/Active Directory imports

  • BM-12386: Search results pagination management. This feature makes it possible to import more than 1,000 (OpenLDAP) accounts, groups or any other search without modifying the LDAP server’s limits.
  • BM-15991: Adds the import of the Active Directory fields “division” and “employeeType”.
  • BM-14742: The members of a group of groups are now taken into account when the “Split Domain” feature is used.
  • BM-16215: When a user has been suspended, the LDAP import no longer attempts to suspend the user again.


  • BM-15603: Fixes an issue when a user created a folder in a special Cyrus sub-folder (Sent, Draft, etc.) – the user was no longer able to delete this folder. Repairing the users affected by this issue will automatically fix associated rights.
  • BM-16017: On CentOS 7 (RHEL7), /var/lib/cyrus/, directories are automatically created. This change prevents a non-blocking error on new installs.
  • BM-16214: Fixes a memory leak in the imap client of BlueMind’s imap component.


  • BM-15866: Adds the possibility to cancel a task in progress.
  • BM-15518: Adds the possibility to search emails by read status.
  • BM-15984: Fixes an issue with mailshare file deletions.
  • BM-15948: Fixes the “mark as read” features for shared mailboxes (IMailboxFolders.markAsRead).
  • BM-15931: Adds a verification step before ACLs that have no “Subject” (container) are saved.

Exchange Active Sync

  • BM-15482: Fixes a synchronization issue on iOS (Apple) when invitation emails contain too many attachments.
  • BM-15755: Adds shared calendars, address books and mailboxes support.
  • BM-16067: Phone number synchronization is now done in a separate execution thread in order to reduce latency perceptible by users.
  • BM-7948: The synchronization of the “public folders” directory is no longer systematic but only when required.

Command Line Interface (bm-cli)

  • BM-15764: Adds the possibility to remove a user’s external-id.
  • Adds the possibility to pass json objects directly in sysconf mset command without having to go through a file. E.g.:
  • bm-cli sysconf mset --format json <(echo ‘{“foo”: “bar”}’)
  • Adds the job command, which monitors asynchronous tasks progress.
  • Improves start-up performance.
  • BM-15869: Fixes the bmctl restart command, which sometimes froze and prevented all services from restarting properly.

Software Defined Storage

  • Adds the sds-proxy process in bm-pimp with a 1% available memory allowance.
  • BM-15834: Fixes an error when moving an email from one directory to another.
  • FEATBL-1042: Completely replaces the object indexing system used by cyrus-imapd by a BlueMind implementation.
  • Adds a dashboard and related metrics to object storage (Software Defined Storage).
  • Replaces the Amazon S3 access client by the netty-based asynchronous version.
  • Adds concurrent email download support (improved performance).
  • BM-16009: Fixes an issue in the Cyrus implementation that stopped reconstruct to be used when the S3 storage couldn’t be reached.
  • BM-16008: When the SDS service isn’t available, cyrus must not accept incoming messages so that postfix doesn’t consider the send operation to have been completed.
  • BM-15999: Fixes an issue on bm-sds-proxy service start-up when S3 isn’t available. bm-sds-proxy now tries to reconnect to S3 indefinitely.

TICK Monitoring

  • Improves Mail Insight metrics. Adds active EAS session counting.
  • Adds bm-sds-proxy memory monitoring.
  • Adds YSNP metrics that measure authentication validation response time.
  • Removes the “locator” component – which is no longer present in BlueMind 4.3.0 – from the dashboard.
  • Adds a dashboard for viewing the status of internal caches used by BlueMind.
  • Adds an object storage (SDS) status dashboard.
  • BM-15209: Automatically adds the bm-plugin-admin-console-monitoring package when BlueMind is installed.


  • BM-15828: Fixes a message flagging issue.
  • HUMSCO-55: The size of messages handled by MAPI can now exceed 10MB. The server’s settings are now used.
  • BM-15939: Adds the possibility to move messages in bulk.
  • BM-16001: Fixes an error when copying a message to a public folder.
  • BM-14851: Fixes an issue during updates of contacts from domain address books.
  • BM-15900: Outlook start-up performance improvement. BlueMind no longer goes through the full list of shared mailboxes.
  • BM-14848: Adds S/MIME signed messages support in public folders.
  • BM-16177: Fixes a synchronization error when an RTF message is too big and cannot be converted to html.
  • BM-16170: Fixes a synchronization error when a user attempts to delete a previously deleted message.
  • BM-16174: Fixes an error during the clean-up of attachments after synchronization on the BlueMind server.
  • BM-16173: When the file hosting server isn’t available, fixes an error sent to the Outlook client.
  • BM-16171: Fixes an issue when a message contains an empty HTML part.
  • BM-16172: Adds the management of a copy of a non-existent message on the server.
  • DATAXP-66: Fixes an issue that blocks Outlook synchronizations when loading meeting attachments.
  • BM-16056: Adds the management of the RopCopyProperties call.
  • BM-16212: When an MAPI operation isn’t implemented by BM-MAPI, an error code is now returned to Outlook without the whole process being dropped.
  • ATEMIS-34: Fixes an error when an unknown folder is deleted.
  • BM-16192: Stops RTF message bodies bigger than 2MiB after compression being sent.

Admin console

  • BM-15855: Fixes the English version of the resource types page.
  • BM-15770: Adds the possibility to configure the region used by S3 storage.
  • FEATWEBML-623: Adds a configuration panel for the new Mail application preferences.
  • BM-15880: When a domain is deleted, domain filter deletion errors are ignored.
  • BM-15865: Improves password field display. Passwords can be unhidden by clicking an icon shown in the field (Identification only).
  • BM-15348: Improves domain quota management. Entering a quota lower than one of the domain’s users is now impossible.
  • BM-15260: The list of organisational units (OU) can now include more than 25 entries.

BlueMind 3.5 Update

  • BM-16059: Adds the automatic creation of the /var/spool/bm-hsm/cyrus-archives directory when the bm-cyrus package is installed.
  • BM-16052: Adds a database clean-up system. Invalid information from earlier BlueMind versions is now cleaned up automatically.
  • BM-16053: Adds the bm-ips package to make updating easier.


  • WORTEKS-97: IMAP back-ups by rsync are now executed concurrently. This significantly improves back-up performance. This change was inspired by a Worteks modification.
  • BM-14874: Fixes a temporary database deletion error.
  • BM-15929: Fixes an account restoration error if the account already exists in BlueMind.
  • Improves back-up size calculation speed by using source space disk rather than destination (This saves input/output consumption on an NFS server).
  • Improves back-up clean-up speed by using rsync instead of rm.

File hosting

  • BM-15965: The maximum file size, configured in the admin console, is now properly propagated in the nginx configuration.

Outlook/Thunderbird Connectors

  • BM-15365: The Outlook connector no longer stops synchronization when the File menu is opened.

CLI (bm-cli)

  • FEATBL-1099: Adds the filehosting commands that enable command line activation. E.g.:
  • bm-cli filehosting info
  • bm-cli filehosting activate --domain dev-bm4.test --server-uid bm-master --group user

Known issues

Version 4.3.0

  • BM-16222: An error may come up when creating a public folder from Outlook. As a workaround, use webmail to create public folders.

  • BM-16231: A missing index might cause the system to slow down as well as excessive input/output usage. As a workaround, create the index manually on the bj-data database:

    PGPASSWORD=bj psql -h localhost bj-data bj -c 'create index concurrently on t_container_changelog (container_id, item_id, version);'

4.3.0 => 4.3.1 changelog

  • BM-16222 Fix: public sub folder creation
  • [AD] BM-16217 Feat: support big groups in Addressbooks
  • BM-16199 Fix: EAS empty sync request/response
  • BM-16160 Fix: LDAP export missing reference
  • BM-16216 Fix: shared calendar, recurring allday event detail
  • BM-16220 Fix: forwarding filter for uppercase addresses
  • EORIS-55 Fix: incorrect reply from DAV server
  • BM-16226 Feat: add EAS dashboard to Tick
  • [AD/LDAP] BM-16221 Fix: update user mail routing on split domain group membership update
  • Imp: stop sending Auth-Wait after 10 attempts to comply with nginx doc
  • BM-16231 Imp: add missing index on t_container_changelog
  • BM-16115, BM-16238 Fix: eas folder subscription sync
  • BM-16028 Imp: bm-cli reconfigure tick to reload nginx
  • BM-16234 Imp: Addressbook validator to check empty addressbook label
  • BM-16115 Imp: resource type screen
  • Chore: bm-cli mail indexreplicated to init toplology automatically
  • [tbird] BM-16241 Feat: support Thunderbird 78 with a new WebExtension connector
  • BM-16246 Imp: backup config directories /etc/bm*
  • BM-16240 Fix: group members list in Admin Console

4.3.1 => 4.3.2 changelog

  • BM-16235 Fix: send mail delegation does not work for groups
  • FACTORFX-371 Fix: MAPI contact issues
  • FACTORFX-369 Fix: mail body invisible from Outlook
  • BM-16261 Fix: invalid XML character during search
  • BM-16202 Fix: filter archived users when resolving resource admins
  • [CAS] BM-16259 Fix: CAS protocol activation
  • Fix: missing dep for mapi cli extension
  • BM-16223 Feat: reset directory after upgrade
  • BM-16223 Chore: Hollow update
  • BM-16257 Fix: HSM session lifetime inconsistency
  • BM-16194 Fix: contact update propagation in distribution list
  • BM-16254 Fix: invalid CLI return code
  • [tbird] BM-16256 Fix: automatic connector upgrade on Thunderbird 78 upgrade
  • [tbird] BM-16249 Fix: tb 78 reload tab on session expired
  • BM-16248 Fix: include bm-elasticsearch in systemd
  • [LDAP] BM-16233 Fix: user membership of not imported group

4.3.2 => 4.3.3 changelog

  • BM-16258 Fix: allow to add suffix/prefix to mail subject
  • BM-16266 Fix: duplicate PG backup on upgrade
  • BM-16268 Feat: gosaMailQuota LDAP attribute
  • BM-16259 Fix: CAS HTTP client leak
  • BM-16272 Fix: milter, updated subject encoding

4.3.3 => 4.3.4 changelog

BlueMind 4.3.4 brings important performance improvements for big
installs with cache reactivation and handling of a bogus duplicate
postresql backup.

  • BM-16308 Fix: reset hollow token store on upgrade
  • [tick] BM-16313 Fix: ysnp/milter monitoring confusion
  • [node] BM-16270 Fix: dataprotect/rsync stuck
  • WORTEKS-137 Fix: eas calendar sync
  • [webmail] BM-15544 Fix: add email recipient from a LDAP addressbook
  • [PG] BM-16266 Fix: duplicate PG backup
  • IEQ-2309 Fix: domino packages deployment
  • BM-16292 Fix: disable postfix SMTP UTF8 support
  • [perf] BM-16296 Fix: unusable cache registered with a Class instead of a name
  • [perf] BM-16297 Fix: avoid sql request if topology is obvious (single node, 1 imap backend, etc)
  • BM-16294 Fix: Expires header RFC compliance
  • [tick] BM-16283 Imp: avoid load spikes from Telegraf
  • BM-16298 Fix: URL link with missing protocol
  • BM-16275 Fix: check invalid headers in sieve rules
  • BM-16288 Fix: all dir entries need to have an associated hierarchy container
  • BM-16276 Fix: OutOfOfficeJob stopping on error
  • FEATBL-1125 Imp: show calendar event details
  • BM-16284 Fix: HSM migration and unread flag
  • [SW] BM-16286 Fix: finish upgrade even in backoffice is unavailable
  • BM-16279 Fix: core initialization race issue
  • [exchange-migration] WORTEKS-121 Fix: do not migrate refused meetings
  • BM-16267 Fix: backup pg-data prior to software update

4.3.4 => 4.3.5 changelog

  • [mapi] Fix: set the oab sequence to the directory version stored in hollow
  • [hollow] Fix: structure overhaul to provide directory version of the Hollow root
  • Fix: ensure repair based upgraders work when invoked on domain (eg. hollow reset)
  • BM-16302, BM-16303, BM-16304 Fix: calendar popup event detail
  • BM-16314 Fix: influxdb upgrader cannot rely on server name
  • BM-16306 Fix: PG link upgrade method
  • [perf] Chore: get rid of erroneous extra state “refresh”
  • Chore: replace deprecated hollow incremental producer
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-136 Fix: recipient resolution becomes wrong when hollow refreshes occur with missing delta files
  • BM-16314 Fix : upgrader, add influxdb to bm-master
  • BM-16322 Fix: move calendar item
  • [jdk] Feat: upgrade OpenJDK to 8u265-b01 with jfr enabled
  • BM-16300 Imp: hsm migration

4.3.5 => 4.3.6 changelog

  • BM-16333 Fix: pg_upgrade --link failure

4.3.6 => 4.3.7 changelog

  • [perf] BM-16334 Fix: tune eventbus messages dispatch over websocket
  • [eas] INFTEL-22 Fix: calendar does not sync
  • [backup] BM-16339 Imp: avoid multiple NAS copies of ES snapshot repo
  • [perf] Fix: tune EpWebFilter performance by memoizing extensions
  • [node] BM-16345 Fix: backup cleanup stuck because of bm-node hprof
  • BM-16344 Fix: user mbox subscription upgrader, skip errors
  • [migration] WORTEKS-121 Fix: exchange-migration-tool, canceled meeting imported by mistake
  • BM-16301 Fix: topology unavailable during upgrade
  • [mapi] INFTEL-24 Fix: hollow averageWordLen estimates cause hprof
  • [tbird] BM-16343 Fix: TB 78 autocomplete
  • [mapi] BM-16338 Fix: Outlook Address Book is unreliable
  • [mapi] WORKTEKS-147 Fix: entries should be hidden in global address book
  • [mapi] BM-16347 Fix: check state before auth to prevent outlook password prompt when upgrading

4.3.7 => 4.3.8 changelog

  • BM-16364 Fix: calender event detail popup height
  • [calendar] BM-16335 Imp: reduce load on js client websocket
  • [mapi] BM-16369 Fix: declare old property set which seems to come from blackberry
  • Fix: metrics propagated to java agent could use less memory to send the data
  • Fix: object store selection re-reads SysConf from sql at every step + load it only at first use
  • [mapi] BM-16213 Fix: infinite loop on messages with attachments
  • Fix: hsm-to-cyrus: always use userlogin@domain.uid instead of defaultUserEmail
  • [core] FACTORFX-377 Fix: OutOfMemory when too big images sont importées from LDAP
  • [upgrade] BM-16354 Fix: ensure important HZ cluster clients are restarted correctly when finishing an upgrade
  • BM-16315 Fix: ics uid case insensitive
  • [core] BM-16308 Fix: removal of service tokens was done incorrectly and could induce bm-core JVM segfaults
  • [mapi] Chore: move all NSPI stuff in one place and re-add caching for core directory entities. Rely on Hollow offline addressbook sequence to perform cache invalidation.
  • Chore: bump hollow to 5.0.6

4.3.8 => 4.3.9 changelog

  • [mapi] BM-16401 Fix: return pre-computed timezone definitions when we have them, eg. for America/Toronto
  • BM-16367 Fix: pdf corruption when sent as attachment by Outlook
  • BM-16375 Fix: sanitize timezones
  • [mapi] BM-16387 Fix: map Outbox to a raw mapi folder instead of keeping stuff in memory. Only unsaved messages will be kept in memory now.
  • [mapi] Chore: missing mapi properties
  • [AD] BM-16395 Fix: ignore non SEARCH_RESULT_ENTRY responses kind when checking for split domain group membership
  • [AD] BM-16394 Fix: import error if split domain is active
  • BM-16391 Imp: consolidate error log
  • FACTORFX-379 Fix: clean broken mbox acl containers
  • BM-16390 Fix: mail consolidate does not run
  • [imap] BM-16393 Fix: mailshare mailbox repair failure
  • BM-16392 Fix: avoid possible infinite wait on task return
  • Chore: utf-7 encoding of mailbox names
  • [bm-checks] BM-16388 Fix: Nagios check for bm_sds should use POST, not HEAD
  • BM-16337 Fix: avoid taskRef race issues
  • [cyrus] WORTEKS-161 Fix: shared read/unread flags
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-164 Fix: ‘mark as unread’ not propagated
  • [mapi] Imp: request.log to track user A changing something in user B mailbox
  • Fix: speed-up OffloadedBodyFactory body transfers when the instance is not shared
  • [cli] Imp: HSM migration: use imap folder scan directly
  • WORTEKS-166 Fix: event participation inconsistencies
  • [mapi] BM-16379 Fix: incorrect time on recurring events
  • BM-16380 Fix: vertx exception on cal query
  • FACTORFX-379 Fix: can’t delete resource
  • BM-16370 Fix: flag not replicated
  • WORTEKS-152 Fix: unknown recipient in search result

4.3.9 => 4.3.10 changelog

  • [dataprotect] BM-16421 Fix: database restoration failed because of incorrect operation order
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-184 Fix: unsupported data type (PtypMultipleGuid)
  • [mapi] Fix: missing properties
  • [mapi] EORIS-83 Fix: skip broken dlist members, instead of crashing outlook when addressbook is used with online mode
  • FEATBL-1147 Imp: l10n support
  • BM-16425 Fix: email not sent by MAPI
  • [mapi] BM-16407 Fix: meeting cancellation ignored by outlook’s calendar
  • [dataprotect] EORIS-81: fail the whole dataprotect job if pg_dump step fails
  • [mapi] BM-16406 Fix: update the right attendee when sending a meeting response from a shared user mailbox
  • BM-16401 Fix: wrong DST in timezones
  • [tick] Fix: avoid fake load spikes that could trigger third party monitoring
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-160 Imp: speed improvements when moving messages between folders in outlook
  • Fix: TICK MemoryAccounting for bm-node slice
  • [mapi] Fix: sendfile based responses not tracked in request.log

4.3.10 => 4.3.11

  • [setup] BM-16432 Imp: SharedSeenForUsers upgrader can be very slow
  • [dav] BM-16431 Fix: CardDav broken
  • [mail-api] BM-16443 Fix: attachment is lost after draft is edited
  • [dataprotect] BM-16457 Imp: use pg_dump compressed custom format instead of tar
  • [AD/LDAP] BM-16402 Fix: update routing for user member of split domain sub-groups
  • BM-16451 Fix: too many results in calendar search
  • [mapi] BM-16450 Fix: invitations and responses not parsed properly by Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2003
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-180 Imp: various performance improvements
  • BM-16433 Fix: missing subscription container on upgrade
  • [mapi] DATAXP-92 Imp: search string parsing
  • WORTEKS-182 Fix: vacations message
  • BM-16429 Fix: ElasticSearch 6 upgrade issue
  • BM-16436 Fix: Cyrus upgrader with default partition

4.3.11 => 4.3.12

  • BM-16425 Fix: parsing des emails protégés par un simple quote
  • EORIS-84 Fix: erreurs des tâches DataProtect
  • BM-16459 Fix: overflow possible de ServerId
  • WORTEKS-181 Fix: génération d’url publique pour un calendrier

4.3.12 => 4.3.13

  • [mapi] BM-16480 Fix: response to meeting invitation not mandatory
  • BM-16486 Fix: recurrence not on time
  • [core] Imp: performance of MailboxStore emailSearch() on big databases
  • Feat: bump JDK to 8u272 & add /usr/bin/bmprofile to ease up async-profiler runs
  • BM-16476 Fix: handle missing tags containers on vevent/vcard indexing
  • [EAS] BM-16478 Fix: event creation failure from Outlook mobile app
  • [EAS] BM-16475 Fix: erroneous timezone sent to mobile device
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-189 Fix: configured max message size

4.3.13 => 4.3.14

  • BM-16368 Fix: ignore case for addressbook search order
  • [mapi] BM-16472 Fix: show availabilities slots in requested timezone
  • [tbird] Fix: TB 78, some menus are not translated, remote file chooser works only first time
  • BM-16496 Fix: eas/mapi timezone reported as invalid
  • BM-16251 Imp : cleanup roundcube tmp data every 6 hours
  • BM-16491 Fix: Xivobridge systemd compatibility
  • [AD/LDAP] BM-16500 Feat: hook for added/removed group members
  • [EAS] BM-16456 Fix: mail sync is blocked
  • [mapi] INFTEL-26 Fix: synchronization is unstable
  • BM-16452 Fix: meeting cancellation sometimes not propagated
  • BM-16492 Fix: eas/mapi timezones generation
  • [perf] Imp: cache container settings
  • [upgrade] Imp: repair-based upgraders performance
  • [perf] Imp: avoid unnecessary calls from hazelcast when running in-core, enable cache for HZ clients
  • Imp: cache expensive hashes, byEmail directory query
  • BM-16494 Fix: csharp client json LIST unserialization
  • [tick] BM-16485 fix: bm-cli tick reconfigure sometimes fails
  • [eas] Imp: let nginx do the gzip compression instead of using the expensive java/vertx one

4.3.14 => 4.3.15

  • BM-16544 Fix: responding to orphan invitation
  • BM-16543 Fix: core IP resolution logic
  • COAX-654 Fix: unread flag synchronization
  • BM-16539 Fix: upgrade PG to 12.5
  • [mapi] BM-16541 Fix: free/busy status of events created by Outlook
  • [calendar] BM-16535 Fix: exception on event with an end date
  • [mapi] Fix: pre-loaded threadlocal utf8 encoder
  • [perf] BM-16299 Imp: SQL update performance
  • [LDAP] BM-16526 Fix: ignore and warn for invalid/not found group member
  • BM-15437 Fix: PHP error on Message Disposition Notification
  • BM-16537 Fix: exception on folder creation
  • [CLI] BM-16530 Imp: core URL resolution from CLI
  • [mapi] BM-16529 Fix: conflicts on event edits
  • BM-16510 Fix: shared mailbox hierarchy sync
  • BM-16240 Fix: group member pagination
  • [mapi] BM-16487 Fix: prevent user from adding a meeting duplicate from ics in meeting email
  • BM-16508 Imp: service sync frequency can be edited
  • [mapi] Chore: expire old unused content build queues
  • [mapi] CDGML-17 Fix: mailbox not up-to-date
  • Fix: outlook meetings from exchange 2003 use 8bit encoding without specifying a charset, default to utf-8
  • BM-16498 Fix: missing event URL
  • [perf] Fix: new cache for some roundcube queries
  • [mail-api] WORTEKS-195 Fix: deal with non-compliant RFC2047 email name parts (badly encoded spaces)
  • BM-16412 Fix: event display issues on DAV
  • BM-16350 Fix: pending events are not displayed

4.3.15 => 4.3.16

  • [mapi] BM-16559 Fix: wrong meeting organizer with partial delegation
  • Chore: expand sockjs heartbeat interval from 10s to 50s
  • BM-16562 Fix: ignoring invalid jpegPhtoto attribute
  • Chore: exchange-migration-tool, better error logs when migrating email folders
  • [migrate] DATAXP-120 Imp: exchange-migration-tool, migrate mails at root of the store
  • BM-16558 Fix: check&repair because non-existing mailbox
  • BM-16557 Fix: create external routing mailbox in cyrus
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-192 Fix: meeting duplicates when outlook accepts a meeting
  • BM-16555 Fix: FolderSync, duplicate default folder names
  • BM-16531 Fix: authorization issues with “manage users shares”
  • [mapi] BM-16408 Fix: can’t delete mail in Favorite public folder

4.3.16 => 4.3.17

  • BM-16579 Fix: event creation with unknown resource
  • BM-16572 Fix: TLS 1.3 nginx support
  • [mapi] DATAXP-130 Fix: reduce MessageCache footprint & rely more on PCLCache instead
  • Chore: include core in the autorestart list
  • BM-16353 Fix: can’t rename/delete in delegated/public folder hierarchy
  • BM-16577 Fix: EAS null folder type
  • [tbird] BM-16575 Fix: TB 78, remove directory addressbook when not synced
  • BM-16563 Fix: trim Picture in responses when necessary
  • BM-16465 Fix: Global Address List dlist as group member is not supported

Warning: do not upgrade if you are using LDAP or AD importation plugins

4.3.17 => 4.3.18

  • [node] BM-16598 Fix: when a node is restarted, send a message to trigger active process handlers cleanup
  • Fix: wake up all NotificationWait pending requests when a change occurs for a replica
  • [tbird] BM-16517 Fix: preview of corporate signature when using another identity
  • BM-16302 Fix: missing details in recurring event
  • [mapi] BM-16619 Fix: notifications for user-created folders
  • BM-16604: wrong upgrader status if failed once
  • [mapi] COAX-663 Fix: server failure when failing to parse rop buffers
  • [replication] BM-16593 Fix: apply unmailbox could block when used with a missing owner
  • [tbird] REFLEX-163 Fix: wrong focus on calendar tab
  • [tbird] BM-16570 Fix: hide lightning imip bar
  • [migration] Imp: migrate from Exchange using local Outlook profiles
  • BM-16595 Imp: t_domain_deferredaction performance
  • BM-16590 Fix: remove reference to deprecated LDAP upgrader
  • Imp: t_mailbox_replica performance
  • Imp: mailbox records query performance

4.3.18 => 4.3.19

  • BM-16151 Fix: wrong auto-fill for password expiration in admin console