BlueMind 4.4 has been released!

Release notes:


changelog 4.4.0 => 4.4.1

  • [mapi] BM-16738 Fix: handle message confidentiality
  • BM-16709 Fix: google invite not handled properly on ICS external calendar
  • Fix: WriteStream end(AsyncResult<>) must always send a Result
  • BM-16733 Fix: TCP zombie connections
  • Chore: ensure caffeine is available with bm-cli as mapi plugin needs it
  • Fix: do not search for an empty or null prefix in hollow
  • [mail-api] BM-16727 Imp: timeout when moving a lot of messages between folders
  • BM-16734 Fix: can’t send message to external user
  • [mapi] EORIS-121 Fix: cleanup of parts in /var/spool/bm-mail/bodies when converting outlook messages to eml
  • Imp: ex-migration-tool: use domain default alias when trying to construct an email
  • BM-16728 Fix: can’t forward message with remote images
  • [cli] Chore: add -f, --force to bm-cli setup upgrade
  • FEATWEBML-1454 Imp: attachment text placement in preview

changelog 4.4.1 => 4.4.2

  • [settings] BM-16770 Fix: error in vacation sieve filter
  • Fix: update API clients
  • FACTORFX-441 Fix: upgrade failure
  • FEATWEBML-1479 Fix: nonexistent replaceAll in some browsers
  • [mapi|lmtp] FEATBL-1286 Feat: winmail.dat decoding is delegated to the mapi server and winmail.dat is retransformed to a fresh eml before delivery
  • BM-16714 Fix: could not save mail
  • FEATWEBML-1476 Fix: mail expedition failure and no draft saved
  • [directory] BM-16768 Fix: round robin placement of mailboxes when multiple imap servers are available
  • BM-16711 Fix: can’t save mail draft because of signature
  • [mapi] Chore: speed up & simplify mapi contexts / sessions handling
  • [tbird] ACMS-363 Fix: thunderbird connector not ready
  • FACTORFX-442 Fix: error on invitation message
  • WORTEKS-204 Fix: AD import conflict
  • BM-16757 Fix: split domain and third-party routing issue
  • BM-16747 Feat: allow to force PG pool size using bm.ini dbpoolsize property
  • BM-16749, BM-16750, BM-16660 Fix: group administration issues
  • BM-16725 Fix: webmail double scroll
  • FEATWEBML-1177 Fix: bold on unread messages
  • COAX-676 Fix: can’t access BlueMind webmail
  • BM-16748 Fix: can’t login after upgrade
  • BM-16661 Fix: can’t have dot chars in new email

changelog 4.4.2 => 4.4.3

  • SB-1194, FEATBL-1230, FEATBL-1306, FEATBL-1308 Feat: users can choose default calendar notification type in their settings
  • FEATBL-1290 Fix: common read/unread flags for shared mailbox
  • BM-16736 Fix: ghost calendar in users views
  • [es] WORTEKS-212 Fix: elastic search process crashes right after startup
  • BM-16786 Fix: eas folder sync, parent folder not found in hierarchy
  • BM-16799 Fix: sanitize default alias and implicit email
  • FEATBL-1154 Feat: German settings
  • Imp: HSM migration from BlueMind 3.5
  • BM-16781, IEQ-2401, TCSCIT-303 Fix: upgraders collection and execution strategy
  • BM-16769 Fix: hollow issue after massive user deletion
  • [mapi] DATAXP-162 Fix: sync message with null subject
  • BM-16711 Fix: draft save failure because of signature encoding
  • BM-16751 Imp: LDAP connection error management
  • BM-16773 [RHEL Packaging] Fix: webserver not restarted after bm-mail-app is installed

changelog 4.4.3 => 4.4.4

  • Chore: URLConnection.guessMime may return null instead of octet-stream
  • [mapi] WORTEKS-213 Fix: prevent duplication/deletion when an item written on behalf of someone is modified
  • [mapi] BM-16815 Imp: mime type guessing when outlook does not provide it
  • Fix: subject decoding with utf8 null chars rejected by PG
  • Chore: add German translations
  • FEATWEBML-1491 [Composer] Fix: add a line break when replying or forwarding, focus editor when expanding previous message
  • CUMAY-48 Fix: send ehlo before auth
  • [migration] BM-16521 Feat: ex-migration-tool command line utility

changelog 4.4.4 => 4.4.5

  • BM-16819 Fix: exchange-migration-tool error getting store owner email
  • [core] BM-16825 Fix: more aggresive image subsampling
  • [mapi] BM-16828 Fix: unknown boolean properties when decoding tagged property values
  • Chore: cleanup expensive logs
  • BM-16824 Fix: upgrade security broken by URL change
  • [mapi] BM-16833 Fix: intercept percent char in folder names and map it to a unicode variant
  • [mapi] BM-16834 Fix: bm-cli mapi tree will now use pagination to fetch hierarchies with more than 4096 rows (or > 32KB)

changelog 4.4.5 => 4.4.6

  • BM-14507, BM-16837 Fix: user management roles consistency (user mbox indexing, external id, user check and repair, mobile devices)
  • BM-16808 Fix: bad value may corrupt whole calendar
  • BM-16853 Fix: missing member in AD/LDAP incremental mode import
  • BM-16832 Fix: parallel imports from CSV may cause duplicates
  • REFLEX-168 Fix: ICS import vtimezone match failure
  • [mapi] Fix: deduplication of hierarchy tables was wrong
  • [mapi] Fix: ensure children() does not return duplicate folders
  • [mapi] BM-16805 Fix: lock during autodiscover template rendering
  • [mapi] BM-16741 Chore: missing Pid properties
  • [mail-api] BM-16851 Fix: inconsistent subtree display when a user is renamed
  • BM-16776 Fix: ES path error in restore config
  • BM-16842 Fix: vacations messages when user does not have a display name
  • BM-16838 Fix: prevent duplicate reminders

changelog 4.4.6 => 4.4.7

  • [mapi] BM-16615 Fix: sendmail, check sendOnBehalf acl
  • Imp: performance improvement in SQL upgrade of t_calendar_series
  • BM-16794 Fix: fix tag container lookup

changelog 4.4.7 => 4.4.8

  • Chore: don’t run expunge verticle that often
  • [mapi] Fix: don’t abort when deleting an the same id multiple times
  • [dav] BM-16400 Fix: send static response from in-jar files only
  • [mapi] BM-16865 Fix: when message body is not a text, force it as an attachment
  • [mapi] BM-16629 Fix: sendAs if full delegation

Thanks for the update!

BlueMind 4.4.9 is a transient release to allow for a better upgrade path for Jessie installations.