BlueMind 4.5 is available for download!

Release notes:


changelog 4.5.0 => 4.5.1

  • BM-17180 Fix: consolidate upgraders on migration

changelog 4.5.1 => 4.5.2

  • BM-14896 Fix: python-bm-client python3 compatibility
  • BM-17190 Chore: mvn 3.8.1 support
  • [mapi] Fix: compression heuristics
  • BM-17196 Fix: RHEL8/CentOS8 bm-nginx installation

changelog 4.5.2 => 4.5.3

  • BM-17172 Fix: jitsi template description
  • BM-17193 Imp: AC filter by shard, use server name rather than UID
  • [mapi] Imp: get rid of O(n^2) look-ahead in lzx compression and switch to hash based linear matches
  • [mapi] BM-17183 Fix: delete indices from previous execution when initializing index map
  • BM-17200 Fix: expand/collapse videoconf description
  • Make mailboxes db rewrite & acl repair admin0 consistency
  • BM-17203 Imp: AD canonicalName attribute

changelog 4.5.3 => 4.5.4

  • BM-17235 Fix: hot upgrade should retry on failures
  • [mapi] BM-17242 Chore: declare named properties for ESET antivirus
  • BM-17234 Fix: accept all characters on OU label except /
  • BM-17227 Fix: check LDAP connection from AC
  • [mapi] Chore: npp for raw messages
  • BM-17232 Fix: don’t stop on error when indexing prereplicated bodies
  • BM-16809 Fix: hollow, skip global.virt serialization
  • DATAXP-198 Fix: MS Teams invitation KO
  • BM-16762 Fix: exception on reminder verticle execution

changelog 4.5.4 => 4.5.5

  • [core] BM-17260 Fix: erroneous flag edit by hot upgrade
  • BM-17197, BM-17210, BM-17233, BM-17243, BM-17247 Fix: videoconf corrections
  • FEATBL-1363, FEATBL-1378, FEATBL-1379, FEATBL-1380 Feat: introduce starleaf videoconf provider
  • BM-17236 Fix: upgrade to NGninx 1.20.1

changelog 4.5.5 => 4.5.6

  • BM-17253 Fix: installation global state was broken with alert level INFO
  • IEQ-2462 Fix: incorrect branch reference for vue-apps/mail-app build

Caution: our password policy has evolved and authentication issues may occur
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