BlueMind 4.5 is available for download!

Release notes:


changelog 4.5.0 => 4.5.1

  • BM-17180 Fix: consolidate upgraders on migration

changelog 4.5.1 => 4.5.2

  • BM-14896 Fix: python-bm-client python3 compatibility
  • BM-17190 Chore: mvn 3.8.1 support
  • [mapi] Fix: compression heuristics
  • BM-17196 Fix: RHEL8/CentOS8 bm-nginx installation

changelog 4.5.2 => 4.5.3

  • BM-17172 Fix: jitsi template description
  • BM-17193 Imp: AC filter by shard, use server name rather than UID
  • [mapi] Imp: get rid of O(n^2) look-ahead in lzx compression and switch to hash based linear matches
  • [mapi] BM-17183 Fix: delete indices from previous execution when initializing index map
  • BM-17200 Fix: expand/collapse videoconf description
  • Make mailboxes db rewrite & acl repair admin0 consistency
  • BM-17203 Imp: AD canonicalName attribute

changelog 4.5.3 => 4.5.4

  • BM-17235 Fix: hot upgrade should retry on failures
  • [mapi] BM-17242 Chore: declare named properties for ESET antivirus
  • BM-17234 Fix: accept all characters on OU label except /
  • BM-17227 Fix: check LDAP connection from AC
  • [mapi] Chore: npp for raw messages
  • BM-17232 Fix: don’t stop on error when indexing prereplicated bodies
  • BM-16809 Fix: hollow, skip global.virt serialization
  • DATAXP-198 Fix: MS Teams invitation KO
  • BM-16762 Fix: exception on reminder verticle execution

changelog 4.5.4 => 4.5.5

  • [core] BM-17260 Fix: erroneous flag edit by hot upgrade
  • BM-17197, BM-17210, BM-17233, BM-17243, BM-17247 Fix: videoconf corrections
  • FEATBL-1363, FEATBL-1378, FEATBL-1379, FEATBL-1380 Feat: introduce starleaf videoconf provider
  • BM-17236 Fix: upgrade to NGninx 1.20.1

changelog 4.5.5 => 4.5.6

  • BM-17253 Fix: installation global state was broken with alert level INFO
  • IEQ-2462 Fix: incorrect branch reference for vue-apps/mail-app build

Caution: our password policy has evolved and authentication issues may occur
with external directories. We are currently working on a fix.

OK merci pour l’info

changelog 4.5.6 => 4.5.7

  • BM-17257, BM-17266 Fix: hot upgrade
  • BM-17254 Imp: CyrusFileSystemCheck performance
  • BM-17295 Fix: RC folder creation if no role_manage_user_settings
  • [adminconsole] BM-17270 Fix: allow allAliases on groups and mailshares
  • BM-17275 Chore: upgrade to PostgreSQL 12.7
  • BM-12642 Fix: “empty trash on logout” preference
  • BM-17276 Fix: delete videoconf
  • [mapi] BM-17242 Fix: property declaration for ESET Smart Security
  • [mapi] FEATBL-1442 Fix: compute extra deletions according to outlook hierarchy
  • [mapi] FEATBL-1441 Feat: mapi forget-data command for bm-cli
  • [mapi] Fix: Outbox handling consistency
  • [mapi] BM-17280 Fix: possible GAL lock on empty mailshare
  • [cli] Chore: bm-cli mail unexpunge empty lines in log
  • [mapi] BM-17230 Fix: GALMailUserEntryId holding OneOffEntryId instead instead of PermanentEntryId
  • [lmtpd] EORIS-133 Chore: when the mapi server can’t transform a tnef (winmail.dat) to a clean eml, keep a copy of the tnef & deliver pristine
  • [mapi] Fix: 0% completion when PidListPercentComplete is empty
  • [mapi] COAX-681 Imp: mail throughput
  • [replication] FACTORFX-489 Fix: retry policy on restauration
  • [upgrade] Imp: make use of extra (> 6) CPU cores
  • [upgrade] BM-17258 Fix: cyrus multiple restarts when too slow to start
  • Fix: 3 missing characters (;<>) from our azure/ad-like password policy
  • [http] Fix: hint basic-auth clients that we want utf-8 bytes passwords (RFC7617). Allow passwords that don’t match internal policy. Try iso-8859-1 when utf-8 decoding yelds unmappable characters.

changelog 4.5.7 => 4.5.8

  • BM-17320 Fix: never remove user@domain.uid email alias as this might cause inconsistencies
  • [mapi] BM-17304 Fix: add support for handling PtypMultipleInteger16 props, even if nothing in MS-OXPROPS has this type
  • BM-17329 [MailApp] Fix: translate file size units
  • BM-17312 Chore: Container create, throws an exception if owner not found / wrong datasource
  • BM-17251 Imp: calendar popup details
  • BM-17296 Fix: can’t open backup from DataProtect browser

changelog 4.5.8 => 4.5.9

  • [tbird] FEATBL-1364 Feat: compatibility with next thunderbird esr version 91
  • BM-17481 Fix: sieve vacation issue with “@” char
  • Fix: update client dependencies
  • BM-17388 Fix: starleaf provider
  • BM-17406 Imp: remove invalid warning from log
  • [mapi] BM-17418 Fix: inconsistent outlook hierarchy display
  • [mapi] BM-17412 Fix: can’t display mailshare in outlook
  • [mapi] FEATBL-1510 Feat: add --authz to bm-cli mapi tree, hierarchy & inbox commands so they can act as a shared mailbox or a room mailbox
  • [fail2ban] INFTEL-45 Fix: when fail2ban is used together with bm-mapi, outlook sends concurrent auth requests which could trigger false positives
  • [mapi-api] Fix: folder rename sanitize
  • BM-17352 Fix: hot upgrade verticle timing, add bm-cli hotupgrade start command
  • [cli] Chore: slf4j bridge for JUL needs to be configured early to prevent hollow debug logs on every command
  • BM-17288 Feat: add bm-cli hotupgrade progress command
  • [sds] Fix: mapping vs with new mailshare fullNames ( vs folder)
  • [replication] FEATBL-1455 Fix: replication issue when a ‘xxx’ folder is created inside an ‘xxx’ named mailshare
  • [mapi] FEATBL-1447 Fix: shared mailboxes response to outside/inside hierarchy events
  • [mapi] Chore: cache strategy for shared mailboxes (bm mailshares) as we don’t have the needed parent addressbook for them
  • [mapi] Chore: check default alias first when checking if autodiscover is working
  • [node] Fix: use a reply for websocket eventbus writes to prevent backpressure issue
  • [node] Fix: deal with websocket backpressure when a command produces fast output
  • [mapi] Chore: reduce netty PoolChunk direct memory hit as we don’t use it a lot & mapi response size is at most 1MB
  • [mapi] Fix: acl need-check condition was wrong
  • [mapi] FEATBL-1454 Fix: prevent sync issue for open, syncconfigure, getbuffer on a missing folder
  • BM-17385 Fix: ICS categories import
  • Fix: german translation
  • [migration] BM-17369 Fix: access violation in Redemption64.dll
  • DATAXP-208 Fix: empty message due to tnef parsing
  • Chore: hps lockup issue when topology is missing
  • [mapi] BM-17351 Fix: globalId format assumption
  • [imap] BM-17310 Fix: unclosed IMAPByteSource could trigger error logs about unclosed FileBackedOutputStream(s)
  • BM-17350 Fix: limit direct memory buffers allocated by NIO
  • BM-17337 Fix: PG max connection

changelog 4.5.9 => 4.5.10

  • BM-17501 Fix: remove typo after default group photo in contact
  • Fix: dont rely on installation date which may not exist

changelog 4.5.10 => 4.5.11

  • Fix: Guava goodFastHash does not produce a stable result when the JVM restarts. Fix corner cases where we wanted a stable value
  • [tbird] INSAT-220 Fix: broken description page for BlueMind file provider in tbird prefs
  • BM-17521 Fix: RH subscription update after BlueMind upgrade
  • [mapi] BM-17517 Fix: do not break email sync when an email contains an invalid ‘From:’ header (eg. From: john, From: <@>)
  • BM-17509 Chore: increase SSL handshake timeout for AHC node client
  • BM-17516 Chore: update PG to 12.8
  • [tbird] BM-17510 Fix: reload bm tab if login page is displayed
  • [mapi] BM-17515 Fix: do not send mail to any recipient if one is rejected

changelog 4.5.11 => 4.5.12

  • BM-17553 Fix: multiple elasticsearch clients for the same tag
  • Chore: upgrade to JDK 8u302-b08
  • [sessions] Fix: never try to remove cache folder with an empty sessionId
  • BM-17384 Fix: max cyrus maxchild nagios check
  • [calendar] BM-17543 Fix: resource leak when using Calendar ICS sync
  • [migration] Imp: ex-migration-tool, script to repack installer with bm admin login and password set
  • BM-17530 Fix: admin delegation, check&repair
  • [mapi] BM-17312 Fix: init public folders hierarchy/test coverage

changelog 4.5.12 => 4.5.13

  • BM-17561 Chore: allow TLSv1 and TLSv1.1. If your active directory or openldap does not support tls1.2 or better, you will not be able to login with BM 4.6.0. Every ssl/tls access from bluemind will require tls1.2+ (calendar sync, nextcloud integration, etc). RFC, JDK-8202343.
  • BM-17551 Fix: Outlook drafts sync

changelog 4.5.13 => 4.5.14

  • [webmail] BM-17581 Fix: search result in mailshare subfolder
  • BM-17596 Fix: can’t edit resource in admin console
  • BM-17532 Fix: ignore broken HEAD call when syncing calendars
  • Fix: socket leak when calendar upstream server does not return HTTP 200
  • [mapi] Chore: rate limit writes in sync issues folders
  • [mail-api] Imp: logs when an imap command + replication promise trigger a timeout
  • FEATBL-1533 Feat: allow Rop to return logging informations
  • [mapi] Perf: fail-fast condition to lzx compression when we have more than 70% distinct triplets. Pre-alloc the triplets map when we can proceed
  • [tbird] WORTEKS-231 Fix: Thunderbird contact sync
  • [mapi] FACTORFX-500 Fix: excessive memory consumption when dealing with large range of ids

changelog 4.5.14 => 4.5.15

  • [mapi] BM-17620 Fix: new shared folders don’t appear in Outlook
  • BM-17622 Fix: error on event due to null description
  • FEATBL-1539 Fix: avoid uploading attachments when sync is error
  • BM-17549 Fix: missing action buttons on invitation in Outlook
  • [mapi] BM-17551 Fix: draft sync
  • BM-17583 [AC] Fix: mailflow rules altered when domain is saved
  • BM-17594 Fix: allow sudo on archived users from mapi
  • BM-17607 Fix: ICS import
  • [mapi] FACTORFX-500 Fix: datastructure when merging client state with server state to avoid memory issues

changelog 4.5.15 => 4.5.16

  • Chore: incorrect release number
  • Chore: adding bm-mailbox-role server very slow

changelog 4.5.16 => 4.5.17

  • [mapi] BM-17645 Fix: wrapped entity id can also contain resource
  • [mapi] BM-17637 Fix: on RopSetPropertiesRequestCodec exception, log and ignore failure
  • BM-17642 Fix: error when moving messages