BlueMind 4.6 is available!

Release notes: BlueMind Download

changelog 4.6.0 => 4.6.1

  • [mapi] Fix: PidName declared as ascii do not work as we only index name & set
  • FEATBL-1557 [MailApp] Fix: update date separators when a new day has come
  • BM-17793: fix databases corrupted by bad upgrade from BlueMind 3.5 to BlueMind 4.5.0 or less
  • Fix: don’t crash in case of non-existing Pids
  • BM-17797 Fix: restore dialog only display options when browser in french
  • BM-17798 Fix: don’t run LDAP import if disabled
  • [mapi] bugfix: allow outlook 365 to download big folder hierarchies
  • [mapi] bugfix: fix mapi compression: we need to compress soHandleTable
  • [mapi] chore: avoid listing too many folders in debug print
  • BM-17788 Fix: html body, keep original encoding
  • fixup 1ec617243f6bc6ae09ac34b39b3e7d1e076f6e22: missing import
  • BM-17788 Fix: body can be null
  • MID-50 Fix: mapi, recipient address as mailto
  • BM-17807 [MailApp] Fix: display message body even if event is not found
  • BM-17799 Fix: replace Bluemind by BlueMind
  • BM-17799 Fix: use an i18n key for ‘- BlueMind’ string
  • BM-17814 Fix: response to a GET FULLMAILBOX call when conversations are not available yet
  • [mapi] BM-17741 Fix: saving contact

changelog 4.6.1 => 4.6.2

  • [mapi] BM-17863 Fix: prevent copying attachments into jvm memory when building sync streams
  • Fix upgrade path: ERROR: column “removed” of relation “t_message_body_purge_queue” already exists
  • chore: Upgrade to PostgreSQL 12.9
  • BM-17853 Feat: add bm-cli hotupgrade ‘logtail’ command, ‘progress --details’ and ‘start --planned’ options
  • BM-17851 Fix: extends LoggingTaskMonitor to allow choosing log level and ITasksManager to specify a logger
  • BM-17851 Fix: fail hot upgrade tasks when their time estimation trigger an exception
  • BM-17862 Fix: don’t create deferred action container for system users
  • BM-17864 Fix: bullseye subscription
  • BM-17780 Fix: mailbox index maintenance, skip if no shards found
  • [migrate] Imp: ex-migration-tool, migrate signed and encrypted messages
  • EORIS-149 Fix: StarLeaf meeting infos
  • BM-17820 Fix: check all folders for incompatible cyrus versions
  • BM-17813 Fix: adapt inline event images
  • BM-17819 Fix: don’t try to add categories to resource calendar events


We have just migrated to BlueMind 4.6.2 (from 4.5.x), I noticed that the new webmail is now out of the beta phase.
But with the new version of the webmail, we can only access a personal account, no shared mailbox or other shared personal mailbox… Is this normal? If yes, from which version will it be possible?