[BUG] BlueMind Calendar reports wrong availability via shared URL


It seems that BlueMind has a bug: when exporting a Calendar it initially reports the correct initial schedule, but then stops reporting any changes or new events.

Here’s an example.

Two weeks ago I shared my calendar outside my Organisation and added the URL to Google/Outlook/Apple etc. Here’s the screenshot of the Sharing Settings.

This is how I see my calendar into the BlueMind WebUI. As you can see my day is fully booked tomorrow. I added all these events in the last 2-6 days (after adding the shared URL to Google/Outlook/Apple):

Now here’s how BlueMind reports/exports this externally:

As you can see there’s nothing being reported/updated/added. The only displayed items were the ones that were initially imported, two weeks ago, when initially added the BlueMind URL. Everything else added/updated after that is completely ignored.

We really need a solution for this as it impacts our workflow. Calendly and CalCom report the same wrong availability, so people can book meetings with us even if our calendar is full. Also our CRM and Reporting Systems are affected by this.

Please advise.

Thank you,

PS: we’re paying a BlueMind subscription.