Hotfix : BlueMind 3.5.5-2

BlueMind 3.5.5-2 actually replaces BlueMind 3.5.5, bringing the following changes:

  • BM-11707 Fix: wait for core to be ready before launching upgrade
  • BM-11688 Fix: set BMPRIVACY = true for kerberos authentication
  • UDL-147 Fix: postfix service unavailable after upgrade
  • BM-11710 Fix: prevent LDAP connection leaks
  • UDL-143 Fix: ensure cookies are enabled to open BlueMind tabs in Thunderbird
  • POPIT-79 Fix: need to initialize folderhierarchy prior to creating the mbox
  • COM-3 Fix: handle missing GlobalAppointmentId property in exchange migration
  • GLAG-171 Fix: Outlook appointment recurrence exception
  • COAX-377 Fix: error converting Outlook contact urls
  • Fix: prevent setting invalid alarm in Outlook
  • COAX-376: Outlook event display error
  • UDL-151 Imp: use default domain for Thunderbird authentication
  • BM-11755 Fix: export all vcards from contact webapp
  • FEATBL-145 Imp: api to move mailbox data between ElasticSearch indexes
  • BM-11758 Feat: API to retrieve public information
  • Fix: gracefully stop tika on RedHat

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!