Hotfix: BlueMind 3.5.5-4

BlueMind 3.5.5-4 actually replaces BlueMind 3.5.5, bringing the following changes:

  • BM-11782 Fix: indexation failure if an archived mail is missing
  • AID-216 Fix: invalid Sieve filter after migration
  • BM-11834 Fix: resource owner not set after migration
  • BM-11825 Fix: prevent double subscription attempt in calendar
  • COAX-386, AID-215 Fix: check&repair maintenance operations improvements
  • BM-11817 Fix: CAS issues after upgrade from 3.0
  • BM-11827 Imp: calendar indexing is too long
  • BM-11792 Fix: manual archive of a mail in a subfolder
  • BM-11830 Imp: session timeout to 2h for longstanding outlook sessions

We wish you a pleasant install/upgrade!