Real hardware requirements

Hello, the hardware requirements listed in the documentation are nowhere near reality.

I installed an instance with 2 vCPUs + 16 GB RAM for 5 test users, successfully tested the system for 6 hours and as soon as the second user logged in the system started crashing and restarting, until it completely broke the installation. (Can’t provide screenshots due to sensible information)

I tried then with 4 CPUs, here is how it looks like during install: (no mapi, no fileserver)

The only thing I had installed extra was mapi and the fileserver. I realize the minimum requirements are for a default install, but then what are the requirements of a fully featured BM installation?

Which version of BlueMind do you use?

For 5 users, 2 CPU and RAM seems good, but what kind of storage do you use?
Have-you look at the Installation pre-requisites, and in particular the Partitionning section?

What’s the I/O load (wa metrics in top command)?

You could find some interesting information in core log (/var/log/bm/core.log)?

The fault server installation is gone now, and did not yet try to install again, but we switched to 4 vCPUs with 16 GB RAM and we still had the same effect, so we are pretty sure now the performance is not really the issue.
Had 3 partitions, /, /var/spool, /var/lib, 50 GB each, I think with SSDs.
In the core we could see some errors but we restarted and reinstalled the thing so many times it’s hard to say if the installation was still correct.

Will let you know when we try again, I think it was an isolated case.